Tour de France (2 of 2)

Posted by Paul Devlin:

The Tour de France on CBS was an intense gig, especially for me and the other editors. Lot’s of pressure and some very fast turnaround. Sometimes the show was already airing back in the States, and we hadn’t finished editing the last segment.

One of those times, on top of a desolate mountain, the driver of our generator decided he was leaving.  The rest of the huge caravan of live trucks that move everyday like a massive traveling circus was already gone, on the long windy overnight drive to the next location. He had no incentive to indulge one of the only edited shows that was staying late.  FREAK OUT!  We had to finish right away, edit in one last, long cover shot, and do the entire audio mix for the final segment in one pass, or else would have no power to send it to New York by satellite.

That would mean no final segment for a show that was already on the air! Talk about heart damage for the editor! We made it with seconds to spare. Definitely earned my Emmy that year. I’m not at liberty to discuss how we convinced the generator driver to stay those few extra minutes.

Now enjoy the drama in front of the camera in this exciting conclusion to Lance’s dilemma.

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