The Front Man – The Record Room/Field Hollers Yield Dollars – Episode 1 (of 5)

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Take a tour inside Jim Wood’s famous Record Room in this exclusive clip from the upcoming Music Comedy by DevlinPix, The Front Man.

This is the setting for our new series, which we’re very excited to launch today.  Field Hollers Yield Dollars is the uniquely American story of how Rhythm and Blues was whitewashed to become Rock and Roll.

With profound love of the music and encyclopedic knowledge of the era, Jim Wood adds insight, surprises, humor and controversy to a frank discussion of a history you only thought you knew.   In this first episode Jim talks to Marquise Stillwell about the transition from early “race” records to Rhythm and Blues music, and we meet Little Walter and hear his amazing electric harp!Look for new episodes each week. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or re-visit us for more videos of the series.

And be sure to look for Jim in the upcoming The Front Man.

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