The Eyes of St. Anthony (Episode 8 of 9)

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What’s up with Tony?  Do the glasses have something to do with his freakout or is he just upset with Corrin?  Kevin decides to confront Shah.

During his audition for the role of Shah in The Eyes of St. Anthony, Ronald Ballard was asked to play one side of an improv with a young actor who was auditioning for the part of Tony.  They were given opposing objectives. The young actor was told his girlfriend was being brainwashed by this guru and he needed to save her. Ronald was told that one of his followers was suffering an abusive relationship with her boyfriend.  The young actor made a valiant effort to engage the guru, but Ronald remained utterly silent during the entire audition.  Then he looked at the young man, slapped him in the face, and said sternly, “Wake up!”  Everyone in the room was stunned, especially the other actor who tried to regain composure and continue the scene.  But Ronald went back to complete silence.

Needless to say, he got the part.

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