The Eyes of St. Anthony (Episode 1 of 9)

DevlinPix is excited to present our next Web Series, The Eyes of St. Anthony.

Paul Devlin’s offbeat psychological drama tells the story of Tony O’Neil (James McCaffrey of Rescue Me and Viper), a gifted, but very distracted, New York City neon artist. Tony is brilliant with his hands, but he also loses everything he touches. And if he’s not careful, that includes his girlfriend Corrin. Seeking to solve his problem leads Tony on strange journey that allows him to locate everything he’s ever lost.  Is this the answer, or is Tony about to find out that sometimes, the worst part of losing things is finding them?

Episode 1:  Tony and his girlfriend Corrin are getting all hot and bothered.  But losing a crucial item in a heated moment spoils everything.  Is this the last straw in a troubled relationship?  Tony needs some help, and a mysterious message may be what he’s looking for.

New Episodes to follow weekly!

Check out episode 2 here!

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