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Power Trip Excerpt – “Winter Riots”

Posted by Paul Devlin:

This excerpt from Power Trip shows a dark time for the Republic of Georgia – literally.

But it is cinematic gold for a filmmaker. Huge stakes, direct conflict and heightened drama. These events contributed to making Power Trip so important and successful.  The shots are a mix between archive footage from Rustavi-2 news, and footage I shot myself when I was in Tbilisi. Those shots were difficult to get. The mood was very tense, and I was getting hassled, mostly by little kids tugging at my camera if you can believe it. Also Piers was unsure and nervous and really didn’t want me to shoot in those situations. We had a big argument at one point over whether he would wear the wireless mic.

Luckily for the movie, I prevailed.  Once I was home, these scenes were a joy to edit, especially with the evocative Georgian music. I am thankful and happy for the Georgians that these demonstrations no longer occur in Tbilisi.

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