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CutTime – Two Minutes Hate, “I Can’t Take It Anymore” (11 of 11)

Guest post by Two Minutes Hate Guitarist, Steve Tramell!

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Take a sinister looking singer, one out of tune guitar, and one Hofner Beatle Bass mash em together and you have the hurricane that was Two Minutes Hate!!! Born out the minds of the brothers Price. Tom(bass,bking& lead vcls), Gerry(lead & bking vocals) circa 1984.

Starting out with just bass, vocals and a toy piano( their friend Dee-mented). By 1987 adding one of many drummers and the twisted guitar of Steve Tramell. The band that scared and awed thousands was set. As seen by this clip, Two Minutes Hate was everything a punk band could be. We would never practice because “practicing would make us band, and we were a concept not a band”.

Live shows was what Two Minutes Hate was all about. By the second song Jerry would be naked and the chaos would begin. As we were unsigned by any record labels this clip is a piece of music and NYC history.

Two Minutes Hate Stopped playing around 1994 expect for the every few years Reunion shows. Tom Price (who I am sadden to say passed away in Nov.2011. go to facebook & youtube for tributes.) went on to form the Brooklyn based mid 90s to 2011 band Ff (fat fuck).Their cd Lady Shoe was put out on Double Deuce Records. Steve went on to play bass in the Staten Island based band The Outcome, And Gerry is out there holding down the spirit of Two Minutes Hate.

As Gerry would say, “Who the fuck are you clapping for. You don’t even know me!!!!!”

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Pre Two Minutes Hate clips of Tom and Steve in the band Poptones Inc!

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