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Arthur Ashe Kids Day Teaser

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Arthur Ashe Kids Day is a warm up to the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament in New York City. Promoting the legacy of the great Arthur Ashe, the fun event fills the main arena with young tennis enthusiasts who are treated to performances by the greatest tennis champions in the world as well as rising stars in pop music. Talents like Rihanna and Justin Bieber appeared at Arthur Ashe Kids Day early in their careers before they were superstars.

CBS Sports broadcasts the event, and twice I have edited the complete hour-long show. This poignant tease, produced by Alana Campbell, preceded the 2012 broadcast.

2003 US Open – Andy Roddick

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Love these little pieces – short and sweet, high energy and easy on the eye. Made lots of them during my many years working on site for CBS’s U.S. Open Late Night Show.

And then the Late Night Show got cancelled and I haven’t been back. Oh well. That’s the nature of these gigs – they come and go. I still get my dose of tennis, putting together the US Open Preview Show at the CBS Broadcast Center.

2002 French Open Teaser

Posted by Paul Devlin:

I love those calls: “Hey can you come to Paris for a few weeks, and help us edit some tennis.” Hell yes!

The call came from Woods Communications, who had been hired by ESPN to help them cover the 2002 French Tennis Open (Roland Garros). I met Tom Woods when I was working for ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 editing World Cup Soccer in Paris. Tom and his brother Ian, are two Americans who set up shop in Paris years ago, servicing American sports networks in Europe. Fantastic business model and very clever guys. I also worked with them covering the Tour De France for CBS.

All that work in France made me fall in love with the place and I try to get back at least once a year, even when I’m not working there.

2006 US Open – Rafael Nadal Feature

Posted by Paul Devlin:


I edited this homage to tennis star Rafael Nadal with my friend and talented producer Joe Zappulla.  Joe is outspoken, opinionated, and likes to have fun.  He also gets the job done.  It’s a pleasure to work with him, from the early, grueling days in Edit-73 back in 1998 when CBS first recovered the NFL contract, through Superbowls and Tours De France.  Great work Joe!

2006 US Open – Women’s Preview

Posted by Paul Devlin:


Much of my work at CBS Sports involves putting together very short pieces that get rolled into a live show such as the NFL Today.

Editing the U.S. Open Preview Show is a nice change. Not only do I get to create fun pieces like this one that set up the live event, I also work with a producer to assemble the entire taped show from start to finish. A half hour of network television, all ours.