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Music Video: “Sink or Swim?” EnviroSiren’s SOS on rising seas

Guest post by Jules (EnviroSiren):

Ten years in the making, EnviroSiren’s Sink or Swim? (SOS) is a love song for the planet. The debate is over, the science is in: Human activity is dangerously warming the atmosphere and tipping the balance of the biosphere. Seas are rising precariously – and faster than scientists predicted but it’s not too late! EnviroSiren longs to seduce Earthlings everywhere to wake up to the warnings and start turning the tides on climate change…

Shot on location in Tulum, Mexico, and with a Red Epic camera at Pier59 Studio in NYC, SOS is a free music-video (3:20). It is available for download on request. The song is free and available here.

More about SOS here!


Posted by Rina Svet:

SOS, a music video I’ve been working on in collaboration with Jules for the past several months, is finally available today, and I’m happy to share it with you all here on DevlinPix!

A call for change, SOS is a special project to me – an amazing experience to work on, and especially marked in its importance by Hurricane Sandy as it ravaged a path across the east coast right in the midst of our editing sessions. In New York, Sandy reached us deeply.  It took our homes, our workplaces, our communities…  And the “Goodbye New York” line of SOS is scarily phophetic, and touches me deeply.

Pañuelo Official Trailer

Posted by Rina Svet:

Pañuelo is the story of Junior who, devastated by the loss of his father, abandons his love of photography, and begins to hang with the wrong crowd. His single mother Olga, and younger sister Daisy, try desperately to bring him back into the safety of the family that loves him.

Pañuelo was directed by Abel Castro, shot by Chris Cazavilan, and edited by Rina Svet as a thesis film for The School of Visual Arts.  It premiered at the 2010 Dusty Film Festival.

I spent most of my thesis year at SVA working on Pañuelo.  Unlike most of our thesis productions which were shot in the fall and edited in the spring, Pañuelo was shot during the summer of 2009 so I had plenty of time to edit it in the fall before starting work on my other thesis projects.  It’s a good thing too, because Pañuelo needed plenty of work!  The initial cut was over 40 minutes long and by the time we were done with it the final cut was around 20 minutes.  It was the first long short film I’ve ever really worked on and it was certainly an adventure.  Not to mention it gave me plenty of opportunities to brush up on my Spanish!

Pañuelo editing carried on well into the spring where it shared its editing hours with my other two projects (Vanity and Zombies Are Our Friends) and it was really my baby for most of that year.  Seeing it on the big screen at the Dusty Film Festival was really an amazng experience!  And editing this trailer for it was a really fun side project, so I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed editing it!

BLAST! – Wammo – “Give It Hell”

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Wammo is the multi-talented front man for one of America’s most distinctive bands, The Asylum Street Spankers.

Wammo was also featured in our film SlamNation.  He visits often when he’s in New York City and offered to write a theme song for the movie, BLAST! while it was still in post-production.  The result is this charming, exclusive performance edited by Rina Svet in her early days with DevlinPix.

BLAST! Trailer

The Instagram Proposal

Posted by Rina Svet:

Hi everyone.  Some news… my boyfriend of 5 years, Jerry, proposed to me last Friday night on our 5th Year Anniversary!  It was an amazing and unique proposal, so I’d like to share the story with all of you.  It’s also available here.  🙂

I’m sitting here at Starbucks staring out the window at the foot traffic outside.  It’s 5:15PM on Friday, June 22nd.  It’s my boyfriend Jerry and I’s fifth year anniversary today and he’s late. He told me we had dinner reservations for 5, and he won’t tell me the place.  He told me to wait on the corner of 3rd Ave and 67th Street, by the Caché.    I’m staring out the window and wondering where in the world he is, when my iPhone buzzes.

It’s a text from Jerry and it’s a cryptic, exciting thing.  “I’m in the city,” he writes.  “But you have to find me!  You’re going to get clues on Instagram.  Your name is Marie Antoinette.   Your first clue is up.  Happy hunting!”And so begins the most amazing, exciting, and rewarding scavenger hunt of my life, trailing me across Manhattan’s upper east side, and eventually leading my to the love of my life.

My first Instagram clue is pretty straightforward.  A picture of a Caché tag against a gorgeous fabric!  I read the caption on Instagram and I cannot believe my eyes  – it reads just like a post on Gossip Girl!

I cannot even… Jerry has tapped into my Gossip Girl fan girl side.  It’s amazing. Phenomenal.   Has he been listening to me ramble on this whole time? I run into Caché, and my adventure begins!

I’m standing in Caché, staring at the fabric in the photo and it’s a beautiful, beautiful dress.  I tell the salespeople that I’m Marie Antoinette and they hand me a shopping bag. The beautiful dress is inside! I can’t believe it, something like this has never happened to me before.  I run into the fitting room to put it on and I find myself at a loss.  What am I to do now?  I take one of those famous self-portraits of myself (see above) and share the photo on Instagram.  The page refreshes and suddenly my next clue is up!  

Jerry is sending me to Ladurée; home of the best macarons in the city!  I run those 7 blocks like the wind until I find myself in front of that famous window display, and this time as I enter the store I am confident of my assignment.  I stand in line and when they ask for my order I tell the man behind the counter that I am picking up an order for Marie Antoinette.  The girls next to me are giggling in a very amused way but the Ladurée man knows exactly what I’m doing there and he quickly hands me a gift-wrapped box.  I share the photo on Instagram and right away I see my next clue!

My gosh he’s sending me to the Rock, a 25 minute walk in the best of weather and I can see the clouds forming.  I cheat a little as I make my way downtown and with the help of a yellow cab I find myself at the Rock in a matter of minutes.  There are those familiar flags! Wait for me, Lonely Boy.  I’m coming!

There is no present waiting for me at the base of the Rock, so I ask the first tourist I see to snap my picture in front of the plaza.  She’s not the handiest with a camera, but very appreciated much the same.  I put up the photo and wait anxiously for my next clue, unsure if I’ve done this right… but it seems like I have!  Jerry has shared the next photo, and it’s sending me to one of my favorite places!  

I start off for Coach when there is a giant clap of thunder and all of a sudden the skies that have been threating rain all day open up and rain pours down on us in buckets.  In waterfalls.  The people in the plaza scatter for the nearest shelter and I find myself inside the Bose store, waiting out the storm.  Not quite my next destination but at least I’m in the same building!  I chat with the sales guy, Luis, while I’m trying to shake the massive amounts of water out of my hair and bags, and he points out the fastest route to my next stop.  After 15 minutes I decide to brave the now somewhat slower downpour and I quickly run around the block.

The girls in the Coach store are possibly even more excited than I am, and after they give me my next gift, they provide little rain covers for all my other shopping bags.  I cannot thank them enough!  I take a picture of my gift and get ready for my next Instagram clue, but it’s not coming.  Have I done something wrong?

Thankfully, Jerry is kind enough to send me a little explanatory text.

“Unwrap it and take a pic with it!

Duh, I guess I should have thought of that one.  My transformation is not yet complete and I must unwrap my gift, this beautiful evening clutch.  Jerry has surprised me yet again.  And shockingly, it matches my dress perfectly.  I have found a man with taste (or as I am to learn later, a man smart enough to ask his fashion designer cousin for advice on such matters)!

My next clue pops up as soon as my new photo is up.  Jerry is sending me next door to Cole Hahn for the final touches.  Thank God he saved the shoes for last because these heels are really high!

Jerry has sent me running all over the Upper East Side, picking up amazing and thoughtful gifts, until I’m weighed down by more shopping bags than I’ve ever had before, and I look and feel like Blair Waldorf out for a day on the town!  My outfit is finally complete, and I know I must be getting close to Lonely boy.  Where is he hiding?  

The New York Palace?? How Gossip Girl!  I’m so excited!   What is Jerry up to? Luckily it’s only a short block from Cole Hahn because I can barely walk in these shoes!  I stagger my way over to the lobby and snap a quick shot of myself inside and there it is.  The next clue.  

My excitement is building and I make my way to the elevators.  I share my ride up to the 33rd floor with an older woman who compliments my dress, and tells me she hopes wherever I am going is a special enough occasion for this gorgeous outfit.  I tell her that I hope so too.

I make my way down the hallway and I find the door cracked slightly open.  I open it slowly, carefully, anticipating something amazing.  And something amazing is just what I find.  

My Lonely Boy is here!  Surrounded by roses, the room looks just like the suite of the Embassy Suites on our 6 months anniversary.  Four and a half years ago now.  I always thought Jerry could never outdo it, but I am so happy to be  proven wrong.

He tells me to snap the picture of him, so I do.  “It’s not coming up,” he tells me.  “Try it again.”  I refresh my Instagram feed and…


My eyes fill up with tears as I stare at that Instagram screen on my iPhone and it’s there, so real, so tangible I feel like I can touch it.  I can’t believe it’s sitting there so innocently, for the whole world to see.  And as I tear my eyes away from that picture which was my whole world, I look at him.  And he’s down on one knee in front of me.  Like in a dream.  Like in the movies.  My own personal fairy tale.  The moment I’ve imagined for so long is finally here.  

And of course I said yes!  🙂  I think I may have nodded my head several times before any sound, any perceptible word actually managed to escape my lips, and then there it was, on my finger, and just like that my amazing, creative, thoughtful and loving boyfriend is now my fiancé! And that is pretty much just what his card said. (He’s funny too.) So in all, excuse the pun, but throw me down, Jerry, on a bed of roses.

And then of course, to stray a bit from my attempts at creative storytelling, we had an amazing dinner at Gilt, took lots of pictures and put them on Instagram (of course).   Like a real Upper East Side Princess and her Prince Charming.  <3

So thank you Jerry for the amazing, amazing night.  I love you so much!  And thanks so much to J’s cousin Jennie (@jenniem_) for helping him make this amazing fairytale a reality and for taking such awesome pictures of us to remember it all by.  Jennie, I know Jerry couldn’t have done it without you! 😉

And a huge thanks to everyone else involved… Tenzin (@shamphel) for helping set up, and to all the places I visited which were amazing and helped make the experience so memorable… the amazing people at Caché, Ladurée, Coach, and Cole Hahn.  Thanks to Luis for being so nice and helpful and making my storm-trapped time at Bose so fun.  And a huge thanks to the New York Palace Hotel for giving us an amazing room, with an amazing view!

And finally… THANK YOU SO MUCH INSTAGRAM! For making all this possible!  I don’t know what Jerry would have done without your amazing picture capabilities!

I know I will never forget this night. <3


Kenotia – “Decorating for Cinco de Mayo”

Posted by Rina Svet:

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 

Seems like the perfect day to share this music video with everyone! This was one of the really fun projects I’ve worked on.  If you’re at all familiar with my AMV background, you may know that I started off editing mainly music videos set to anime, and somehow after film school I’ve drifted away from my roots and now I mainly work on short videos and corporate projects, which are fun in their own way of course!  

This was a project I edited during the summer before my senior year of film school, and I really had a blast doing it!  No pun intended! 🙂

Syncing up visuals to music is just, well, awesome.  Despite the long and sometimes painstaking process, there’s not many other words for it… and the result is so satisfying.  You won’t find yourself watching that 20 minute medical corporate video you just finished editing together on loop for a day and a half for fun, but a music video is a whole other story!  So I hope you enjoy this one!

The band is Kenotia, and this is the official performance piece of the song, from the album “You’ve Dug Your Grave, Now Lie In It”  The official music video came be found here and was edited before I came on board, so I didn’t edit this one.  Both videos were directed by Erica Ford.

Health and the City

Posted by Rina Svet:

Part of a larger project on the subject of health literacy, this little video was shot back in the summer of 2008 when I was just learning how to use that huge and heavy professional camera!  We spent a hot summer’s day walking around Times Square to see just how people felt about their doctors, their relationship with their doctors, and what they knew about health care in general.  The result is this fairly amusing and somewhat enlightening clip!