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The Front Man – Ode to the Female Buttocks

Posted by Paul Devlin:
Jim Wood is all about pushing the boundary between hilarity and offense. Creating his character in The Front Man required getting as dangerously close to that line as possible without crossing it (which would lose sympathy for the character). This outtake got laughs when it appeared in early versions of the movie, but ultimately I felt it crossed the line, so I cut it. Was I right?

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Power Trip: Sandro’s Boat

Posted by Paul Devlin:
When you’re making a documentary, often you don’t know what is going to be important and what you’re going to need. So you wind up following all sorts of characters and threads that don’t lead anywhere and are dropped from the final movie. But that doesn’t mean that part of the journey wasn’t worthwhile. 
I still wonder if Sandro ever took his boat around the world.