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1998 Nagano Olympics – Katja Seizinger Feature!

Posted by Paul Devlin:


I have worked on 4 Olympics – 3 Summer Games with NBC and one Winter Games with CBS. Tough jobs, but also a lot of fun.

I was hired away from NBC Sports to work at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York, on Olympic Features.  I edited dozens like this one for the Nagano Games.   Then I traveled to Nagano, Japan as Supervising Editor to shake out the edit rooms on-site and train incoming editors.

Producer Sydney Trattner arrived in Japan early to finish up her features.  So we had plenty of resources available that would soon get tied up on other jobs. That allowed us to add some fun graphics to realize her “fairy tale” theme for this feature about one of the best downhill skiers of all time, Katja Seizinger.

While in Nagano, CBS Sports won their bid to regain broadcast rights for the NFL.  When I got back to New York, my old Olympic edit room was re-purposed for the NFL Today and I wound up freelancing for both CBS Sports and NBC Sports at the same time for many years….