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Rockin’ Brunswick – Jigs and the Pigs – “Let Go” (2 of 12)

Posted by Paul Devlin:

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Joe (“Jigs”) Giglio lived across a small park from me growing up and we were best friends in grade school. 

Jigs' first single "Reason I Rock" was a hit in New Brunswick, NJ and set the tone for a lively rock and roll scene there in the '80s.  His band, Jigs and the Pigs, was one of the most popular at the time and they featured prominently in my first documentary Rockin’ Brunswick.

We played the movie up and down the East Coast on public access television (the YouTube of its day).  Rockin' Brunswick became very popular.  We knew we were on to something when Jigs started getting recognized walking around Greenwich Village in New York City.

I invite anyone familiar with those days to share their stories in the Comments below.

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