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Power Trip Excerpt: “Krazy Kiosk”

Posted by Paul Devlin:

This was one of the most talked about scenes in Power Trip.  The dangerous tangled web of illegal wires is a strange surreal image for people living in wealthy countries.  All too familiar for those in poorer countries.

The element of social collapse is vivid, and the sense of danger inherent in such a milieu, brought to the foreground by the very real threat of accidental electrocution. Personally I was so exhilarated by the great shots I was getting, I was probably less careful than I should have been.

This was shot on my 2nd trip to Tbilisi.  I wasn’t sure I had a movie yet, but capturing scenes like this made me realize there was a fascinating story unfolding here.  The struggle over electricity in Georgia might provide a manageable metaphor for the overwhelming story of traumatic post-Soviet transition to capitalism.

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