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Music Video – Cyndi Lauper – “Who Let in The Rain”

Posted by Paul Devlin

My work on music videos gave me chance to meet quite a few pop stars.  I was the online editor on this music video and had a chance to work with Cyndi Lauper for a couple days in the edit room.

She was a character! Very smart and verbal – lot’s of fun, chatty stories.  But she was also very demanding and exacting, and would joke about “Sabotage!” anytime there was any difficulty in the edit.

She also had a very keen eye:  Because of a discrepancy in the film-to-tape transfer between the offline tapes and the online tapes, each shot in the final edit was off by one “field.”  This is half a frame, which represents 1/60th of a second difference.  None of us trained professionals caught it, but somehow she saw that something was “off.”

Not an easy fix, believe me.  “Sabotage!”

But we got the job done, and the video looks great.