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Artifactuality on the DevlinPix logo

Our in-house designer Drew Zimmerman,  did a fantastic job on the logo design for DevlinPix.  Thanks, Drew! Christine Moh of Artifactuality was impressed enough to feature the design on her website.

Read the full article here!

“Our friend and independent film director, Paul Devlin, incorporated his documentary film company, DevlinPix, in the beginning of this year. Along with the event, he had his company’s new logo/symbol designed by a talented designer, Drew Zimmerman.

The number one reason why we liked this logo is because of its simplicity. The designer has boiled down the words “Devlin Pix” to its most simple form, while adding unique qualities to the individual letters D & P to make this symbol harmoniously represent the company’s core function.

The lower case of letters D & P just happened to be the upside-down form of each other. The designer saw and utilized this opportunity to create a symmetrical, visually balanced symbol. The ascender of the D & the descender of the P were strategically drawn, “sliced” and positioned so they subtly suggest film strips on a projector and/or reels of film.

The color chosen for the logo, in my opinion, is a true reflection of Paul’s personality–a peaceful cool bluish gray for a quiet, intelligent, cool guy.

This is a very nice, well crafted, classic, memorable logo for DevlinPix. Congratulations, Paul!”