Home Double Disc DVD – UNCENSORED

$14.93 Double-Disc DVD


This double-disc set of SlamNation is UNCENSORED and is for Home Use only. It does not included educational, public performance or circulation rights.


Please see below for performance, educational and circulation rights of the UNCENSORED Institutional double-disc DVD for libraries and other institutions. A completely CENSORED Educational DVD is also available.


With the 91-minute film, special features include “Special Play” mode that allows viewing of complete, uncut versions of all poems during the movie; Filmmaker Commentary with slam founder Marc Smith and slam champ Taylor Mali; Uncensored Bonus Poems; Deleted Scenes; Filmmaker Biography; Poet Biographies; Theatrical Trailer; Interactive Menus; and Scene Selection.


SPECIAL BONUS DISC: includes the original, Emmy-nominated Slammin’ TV Pilot; 15 extra bonus poems, 4 extra deleted scenes.





Institutional Double-Disc DVD – UNCENSORED

$49.95 Institutional DVD


This UNCENSORED double-disk DVD includes performance, educational and circulation rights for libraries and other institutions.
















Educational DVD – CENSORED


$49.95 Educational DVD


This CENSORED single disc DVD of SlamNation has several versions of the film appropriate for classroom use.


For performance, educational and circulation rights of the UNCENSORED double-disc set for libraries and other institutions, please buy the SlamNation Institutional DVD (see above)


This special Educational DVD comes with a completely censored 50-minute version of SlamNation that is ideal for classrooms. It also contains a “bleeped” full-length version of the film for older students (some sexual references, but no profanity). The uncensored version of the film is also available.


Access to a teacher’s guide makes this an all inclusive DVD for educators. Now students of all ages can enjoy the high-energy performances of spoken word in SlamNation.





“No other recording I play for my high school Poetry Workshop classes speaks to my students as powerfully as SlamNation, and the brilliance of this new Educational Edition is its flexibility. The re-edited, fifty-minute classroom version preserves the intensity of the original, condensing the history and richness of performance poetry into the length of a standard class period, and if, like many of my students, you can’t resist the inspired raciness of Beau Sia’s most outrageous poems, two versions of the ninety-three minute film are also available: the uncensored original that is perfect for college audiences, plus a censored, full-length edition that allows high school teachers like me to expose upperclassmen to a range of exuberant, sometimes edgy poets without worrying about some of the more colorful language used.”



-Emily Moore
Poetry Workshop Teacher
English Department
Stuyvesant High School