Slam Poem: Wammo – “Too Much Light In This Bar”

Posted by Wammo:

Performing in the National Slam is like eating pumpkin pie for breakfast – as soon as it’s over, you wish you had done something else. 

I’ve been singing in bands for over 30 years and I’ve toured all over the world, so believe me when I tell you that the only person more pretentious and self centered than a lead singer, is a slam poet. A slam poet is a lead singer without the vocal chops. Oh sure, they can put a few words together and maybe they can sing a little but they certainly don’t have the social skills to keep a band together, much less build a national following. They have to throw a big convention where they can gather with losers like themselves, drink, screw, steal each other’s ideas and con thousands of people into actually paying to hear their pathetic, pedantic ramblings. All this under the guise of art. Of course, after they lose, they get wasted and go skinny dipping but enough about me.

Let me close by telling you that I’ve known Paul Devlin for fifteen years and I truly consider him to be someone I’ve known for more than a decade. There is one thing of which I’m sure, all of his films are lies.

He edited SlamNation to make it look like my team lost. He’ll probably edit this piece as well. If Paul Devlin’s name appears anywhere in this sentence, you can be sure Paul Devlin put it there for Paul Devlin’s own evil purpose.

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