Slam Poem: Wammo – “Doing Time On Isle 13”

Posted by Wammo:

When Paul Devlin told me he was going to post a video of one of my 1996 National Poetry Slam performances and asked me if I’d like to blog about it, I thought to myself, “The nerve of this guy, who the hell does he think he is? Drudging up publicity for me and trying to get people interested in my work. Why I oughta… Next thing you know, he’ll be posting a link to my website, where intelligent and insightful people go to buy art. Where does he get off?” We all know that Paul Devlin is an anagram for Plan U Devil, so it figures he’s up to something devious.

Besides, how the hell am I supposed to remember some poem I performed in 1996? Do you know how much I’ve had to drink since then? I sure as hell don’t and I was there…

For more from Wammo stay tuned for his next poem: Too Much Light In This Bar!

Happy New Year everyone!

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