Rockin’ Brunswick – The Deal – “Loving You, Needing You, Wanting You” (7 of 12)

Posted by Paul Devlin:

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High-energy, lots of fun and a sense of humor.  Love this video!

The Deal are good friends of mine from high school.  In fact, I was the one who put the band together by introducing them to one another – their first rehearsal was in my parents’ basement.  They’re still together, now as the Loaded Poets, and are the subject of my next project The Front Man.  Check out a clip here.

This video was edited by my brother Ted Devlin “aka Tom”.  Rockin’ Brunswick was the first project I ever edited on video.  I started spending all my time at the University of Michigan’s Media Center, learning the old 3/4” tape-to-tape equipment from scratch. Starting out with a one-hour documentary was ambitious, and I soon became overwhelmed.  Ted offered to help out by editing a couple videos at MIT where he was going to school.

He did a really great job!

Stay tuned next week for more  Rockin’ Brunswick as we introduce The Nullset!
The DVD of the complete movie is also available here!

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