Rockin’ Brunswick – Crossfire Choir – “Disappointment” (12 of 12)

Posted by Paul Devlin:

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Crossfire Choir came to me with this video completely envisioned.  All the shots were written out, we dressed up the Court Tavern to look like a set, they brought costume changes and after the shoot they diagrammed how they wanted it edited. I was happy to have the band so invested and well-prepared and enjoyed the collaboration. It’s probably the most polished of all the videos in Rockin’ Brunswick.

After I finished shooting that summer of 1983 in New Brunswick, I returned to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for my junior year. I brought all the Rockin’ Brunswick raw footage with me (old style 3/4” tape), and used the University’s equipment to learn how to edit video. It was a huge project and took months. And I have to admit, my course work in English Lit suffered a bit.  My passion was shifting to filmmaking. And I was developing a skill that has sustained me ever since.

I’m thankful to everyone involved in Rockin’ Brunswick, and gratified that these posts are inspiring some happy nostalgia so many years later.

That’s our final episode of Rockin’ Brunswick.  We hope you enjoyed it, and we ask you to support the film by purchasing the DVD here.  Also, check out this big article on Rockin’ Brunswick that just came out today in New Jersey’s Sentinal newspapers

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