“Superbly balanced and organized.”
Stephen Holden, The New York Times


“A gripping film dealing with a variety of complicated themes, the film even at times manages to play like a suspense thriller. Devlin details this complicated series of events with clarity, a sense of drama and more than a few touches of dark humor, managing to make this specific story an effective microcosmic portrait of the vast political, social and economic changes endured by the region.”
Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter


“One of the most entertaining, bracing documentaries of 2003.”


“Made with deft evenhandedness, Paul Devlin’s accomplished film plays almost like a fictional drama, containing suspense, comedy and some colorful characters.”
David Stratton, Variety


Power Trip‘s surprisingly humorous, non-fiction narrative provides insight into today’s headlines while also offering an affectionate and entertaining glimpse into a country struggling to rebuild itself from the rubble of Soviet collapse.”
PBS Independent Lens


“An inspired tale of how an entire country became unplugged and unglued. Devlin generates a whole lot more funk than, say, a Frontline documentary.”
Village Voice


“The triumph of filmmaker Paul Devlin (SlamNation) is in finding a narrative through-line that clarifies this horrendously complicated situation without oversimplifying its issues.”
LA Weekly


“A harrowing, hilarious look at technology and societal collapse. The film is admirably fair-minded see the company’s rationale while feeling citizens’ ire while offering that rare combination of drama, compassion, and social insight.”
New York Magazine


“Disturbing, yet weirdly entertaining—the kind of news we often get only from good indie documentaries.”
Chicago Tribune


“The film has genuine voltage.”
San Diego Union Tribune


“A riveting documentary. **** (4 stars)”
Christian Science Monitor


“Power Trip is not to be missed.”
Time Out New York


“Bring[s] fresh meaning to the notion of the world as a global village.”
LA Times


“Devlin’s brilliantly edited piece of work is as alternately humorous and suspenseful as a gripping fiction feature. Power Trip is a terrific, all-encompassing look at a cultural clash not only between people, but between how people do business and govern themselves.”
Reeling Reviews

Power Trip is what documentaries should be but seldom are in the 21st century.”
Pittsburgh Tribune Review


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