Music Video – The Vestrymen – “3 Kings”

Posted by Paul Devlin

While making The Vestrymen music video for their song "Backyard" I came up with a concept for another song, “3 Kings,” that we could shoot quickly and inexpensively to sneak in a 2nd video for their album, Ruby Ranch Meets the Plastic Hassle. We shot some Super 8 film of singer Matt Davis on the beach, and the sky made a perfect blue screen to mix in some fun mountain footage I had already been shooting. Then I added some of my travel footage from around the world (and also borrowed from a friend, Douglas Carver). The Tarot reader is another friend, Janine Waldron. The Vestryman’s record company, Vertebrae did not cover the cost of the video, so only this excerpt was completed. This is the first time it has been released.

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