Memories of Claire

Posted by Rina Svet:

I miss Claire, more than I can say.  I wrote that much, and sat down to doodle a little scribbly drawing on my notepad because I don’t really know how to continue.  How do you say goodbye?

We gathered last week to do just that, and the video we’re sharing today is the one that played at Claire’s memorial.  A little glimpse of her life.  We wanted to hear her again – have her with us.  A tribute to all that she was. So hear her voice, and remember Claire, like we do. Every single day.

Claire, I remember when I walked into DevlinPix for the very first time, and there you were.  There you were. And now here we are. And this post won’t have an ending.  So instead I invite you to share all your memories of Claire.  With Claire.  Just post them here and together we can keep her memory alive. 

We would also like to take a moment to thank Richard Martinez for providing the music for this video (it came from the BLAST!) soundtrack, and Melissa Dymock for doing such an amazing job gathering all the photo/video materials for this video and with everything else!

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