Freestyle – “JUICE VS SUPERNATURAL” (13 of 14)

Posted by Paul Devlin:

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Two Freestyling legends go head-to-head, in the most important hip hop battle of last century!

The Making of Freestyle (continued)

The premiere of Freestyle in Park City was fantastic! Sundance and Slamdance were in full swing, we rented a house, and the entire team joined us – some from early stages of the movie, whom I hadn’t met yet, including Kevin’s sister, Executive Producer Tiara White. Lots of supporters joined us and the freestyler Wordsworth, came along as well and it was fun to get to know him. I was exhausted from the all-nighters getting ready, but it was still a great party and a packed house for the premiere. The audience LOVED the movie! De La Soul was playing during the festival and Henry managed negotiate a deal with a hip hop clothing sponsor to make that show the Freestyle After Party! Fantastic! Wordsworth performed with them, a great mix of generations. Such a fun time.

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