Field Hollers Yield Dollars – Episode 5 (of 5) Finale!

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The field hollers and work songs of American slaves morphed into the blues, which evolved into rhythm and blues as technology advanced. Field Hollers Yield Dollars tells the uniquely American story of the marketing scheme that whitewashed rhythm and blues to create rock and roll.

Episode 5:

The finale of Field Hollers Yield Dollars! Jim speaks about the Soul music of the 1960s, with its deep roots in the passionate gospel songs of the past, and tells us why record labels continue to be relevant despite; file sharing, internet self promotion, and the occasional artist, like Jimi Hendrix, whose talent is impossible to reproduce. Marquise concludes the series by asking Jim about his personal definition of success.

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And be sure to look for Jim in the upcoming DevlinPix music-comedy The Front Man.

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