Field Hollers Yield Dollars is an exciting new podcast about the evolution of Rhythm & Blues into Rock and Roll in the United States. Featuring Jim Wood of DevlinPix romantic music-comedy The Front Man, this podcast is an informative, entertaining look back at our nation’s storied musical history:


Blues was authored by America’s slaves, and grew into Rhythm & Blues as musical technology advanced. The underground “black music for black audiences” was unearthed by a handful of hip Caucasians, most of them smelling cash and none more endowed of this sense than Sam Phillips. Sam whitewashed the blues, brought us Elvis, and ushered in a mega-millions era of “Rock & Roll” that ensured the death of R&B and forever merged artistic integrity with tin-eared marketing muscle.


Jim Wood has 5000 R&B records, and he recounts the bittersweet tale of the birth of “America’s music” with opinion and dialog as bold as the best Wynonie Harris records.


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