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In this next excerpt from CutTime, meet The Reverb Motherfuckers  who came together in 1986, pioneering a ramshackle “sonic fudge” sound that would influence the grunge and alternative rock movements. Lead man Roy Endroso and guitarist ‘Big’ John founded the band after being forcibly ejected from an AA meeting, a fitting birth to a band plagued by substance abuse its entire career. RM were best known in the New York scum-rock scene for their hard-partying onstage antics – It was not unusual for intoxicated band members to swap instruments or clothing midway through a set, lapse into expletives or (infamously) douse the crowd in BBQ sauce. This reputation would cost the band support from radio stations or record companies. RM struggled to find commercial success despite playing alongside such headlining groups as Unsane, Jesus Lizard and White Zombie.

Reverb Motherfuckers split in 1993, after Endroso voiced his reservations about their extreme lifestyle. He states on his blog “We drank like fish and howled like monkeys. We were fun. We were angst-ridden. We were aimed at early graves. When I quit, it was to save my life.”

The Reverb Motherfuckers catalogue includes two albums, Route 666 (1988) and The 12 Swingin’ Signs Of The Zodiac (1989). They also recorded a third album entitled Goodbye Cruel World in 1992/93, which was never released.

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