CutTime – Opening Montage

Posted by Paul Devlin:

This opening montage from the rockumentary CutTime is a fun look at a New York City that no longer exists.

I met producer Sarah Bleakley at an Indian restaurant on 6th Street in Manhattan.  She was friends with my University of Michigan classmates Ellen Kappus and Tracey Weaver.  When she learned I was an online/linear video editor, she got very excited, “You’re a good person to know!”  She was looking for an editor and told me all about her big project to gather a bunch of underground New York City bands in one venue and shoot the performance element of a documentary in one night.

So I got recruited and we made CutTime together.  In addition to editing, I contributed the color Super 8 footage – outtakes from my video of “Song on Fire” by Naked Sun, Max Vanderwolf’s old band.  Sarah and I went on to make The Eyes of St. Anthony together.

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