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Samples of Paul Devlin’s work.

Independent Lens Host, Susan Sarandon, on Power Trip

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Power Trip had a great run – critical acclaim, awards, festivals and broadcasts all over the world.  But perhaps more importantly, it also had real impact on international privatization policy with special screenings at institutions like the World Bank and the U.S. State Department. That ride culminated in the PBS Broadcast on Independent Lens.

This intro from host by Susan Sarandon was very gratifying for all of us.  For me and producer Claire Missanelli these moments made all the hard work worthwhile.

Power Trip DVD
Power Trip Trailer

Reveille Rescue

Posted by Paul Devlin:

When Texas A&M University Cadet Ryan Kreider saved the team mascot Reveille from a wayward SMU wide receiver stumbling out of bounds, the story went viral among Aggies everywhere. That inspired this fun piece for CBS Sports College Football Today that I edited with producer Joe Zappulla.


Arthur Ashe Kids Day Teaser

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Arthur Ashe Kids Day is a warm up to the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament in New York City. Promoting the legacy of the great Arthur Ashe, the fun event fills the main arena with young tennis enthusiasts who are treated to performances by the greatest tennis champions in the world as well as rising stars in pop music. Talents like Rihanna and Justin Bieber appeared at Arthur Ashe Kids Day early in their careers before they were superstars.

CBS Sports broadcasts the event, and twice I have edited the complete hour-long show. This poignant tease, produced by Alana Campbell, preceded the 2012 broadcast.

CBS Image Promo

Posted by Paul Devlin:

2013 was a great year for CBS Sports and I was able to show that off by editing this Image Promo for the department. I worked on this with Producer Pete Radovich and Associate Director Gareth Hughes.

The key to these pieces is to keep the energy high and make it as exciting as possible. The big challenge is how to tell the story of three epic events in only 30 seconds. Of course, we had the luxury of fantastic shots to work with. Once you’ve got the basic layout, the process becomes all about shaving and shifting frames. Changes of fractions of a second can have a surprisingly big impact.

Also, this kind of project requires approval at the highest level. That means many revisions. I think we went through 25 versions of this piece. This is the first version that aired. But we still went back to drawing board a couple times after that to make even more changes before it was finalized.