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Spin Doctors, Jimmy Olsen Blues

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Spin Doctors were one of my favorite bands in the late ‘80s early ‘90s when I had recently moved to New York City.  They played 3,4,5 times a night, often in my neighborhood in the East Village and always put on a great show. I remember one at the old Nightingale’s club on 2nd Avenue, that was so packed the audience filled the small stage and the band stood on their amps, hovering above a sea of fans as they played. Whenever friends came to town, I knew I could show them a great time by bringing them to a Spin Doctors show.

Then Pocket Full of Kryptonite came out and the band went huge, and didn’t play in the neighborhood as much. But when the music video for “Jimmy Olsen Blues” came Chromavision, where I was freelancing, I jumped at the chance to online edit it.I think there are later versions out there, but this is the one we delivered.  Pocket Full of Kryptonite is celebrating its 20th anniversary and Spin Doctors are going back out on a world tour.

Music Video: Salt N Pepa – “You Showed Me”

Post by Paul Devlin:

I did the online edit for this music video at Chromavision. Got a chance to meet Pepa. I became really good at cranking these out fast (cleaning up the EDL, sorting it in C-Mode, setting the tape machines to search ahead when they were not involved in the current edit, etc. – that’s some geekspeak to get a smile from the old school video editors). My efficiency made me popular with the music video crowd, and I enjoyed doing lots of this kind of work.

Music Video: “Sink or Swim?” EnviroSiren’s SOS on rising seas

Guest post by Jules (EnviroSiren):

Ten years in the making, EnviroSiren’s Sink or Swim? (SOS) is a love song for the planet. The debate is over, the science is in: Human activity is dangerously warming the atmosphere and tipping the balance of the biosphere. Seas are rising precariously – and faster than scientists predicted but it’s not too late! EnviroSiren longs to seduce Earthlings everywhere to wake up to the warnings and start turning the tides on climate change…

Shot on location in Tulum, Mexico, and with a Red Epic camera at Pier59 Studio in NYC, SOS is a free music-video (3:20). It is available for download on request. The song is free and available here.

More about SOS here!


Posted by Rina Svet:

SOS, a music video I’ve been working on in collaboration with Jules for the past several months, is finally available today, and I’m happy to share it with you all here on DevlinPix!

A call for change, SOS is a special project to me – an amazing experience to work on, and especially marked in its importance by Hurricane Sandy as it ravaged a path across the east coast right in the midst of our editing sessions. In New York, Sandy reached us deeply.  It took our homes, our workplaces, our communities…  And the “Goodbye New York” line of SOS is scarily phophetic, and touches me deeply.