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:: Nature Magazine

Director Paul Devlin chats with Nature Magazine about the adventure, and misadventures, of making BLAST!

:: Discovery Space
Mark and Paul chat with Dave Mosher about BLAST! and risky science.

:: Documentary Magazine
Documentary Magazine takes a look at the struggles and successes of the alt-theatrical release ofBLAST! Read the full article here.

:: Filmmaker Magazine
Director Paul Devlin talks about the long afterlife of BLAST! Read the full article here.

:: Movie Maker Magazine
Director Paul Devlin talks about the challenges of independent distribution.

:: Shaking the Money Tree
Director Paul Devlin gives tips on creating the perfect pitch for your film.

:: IYA2009
BLAST! reaches over 1 million viewers worldwide in 2009 through television broadcasts alone!

:: Grierson
BLAST! is shortlisted for the 2009 Grierson Awards in the Best Science Documentary catagory.

:: Nature
Film-maker Paul Devlin followed his astrophysicist brother Mark’s team for 5 years as they attempted flights of the Balloon- borne, Large-Aperture, Submillimeter Telescope (BLAST) in the Arctic and Antarctic.

:: Filmmaker Magazine
Paul's article on the afterlife of BLAST! is the longest article ever published in the magazine ever!

:: Salem Gazette
BLAST! "wins over audiences young and old" at the 2009 Salem Film Fest.

:: IndieGoGo
Director Paul Devlin discusses his tactics for promotion with IndieGoGo's Slava Rubin.

:: Eyepiece
Eyepiece, the publication of the Amateur Astronomer's Association of New York, has a great write up about the BLAST science experiment and NYC theatrical premiere.

:: DOX Magazine
Paul Devlin talks about the BLAST! ArtistShare project - what worked, what didn't work, and the future of independent film financing.

:: indieWire
The BLAST! theatrical premiere in New York City gets a shout out in indieWire.

:: Television Business International
Distributor Louise Rosen says that the film has a number of different interesting angles, including the scientific exploration as well as the personal lives of the scientists as they battle to launch this telescope and keep their families happy.

:: Cork Film Festival
In a documentary master class, director Paul Devlin guides participants through creative ways of independent filmmaking, from packaging the initial funding applications, to production, through to festivals, sales and exhibition strategy.

:: CUNY Science & the Arts
BLAST! will take you to new heights while tiptoeing on the rim of disaster in the pursuit of scientific achievement.

:: IDA Magazine
IDA investigates the independent approach to documentary funding and the BLAST! project on ArtistShare.

:: University of Toronto
Barth Netterfield, PhD, BLAST Canadian Principal Investigator, becomes a film star with the BLAST!premiere at Hot Docs.

:: The Independent
Director Paul Devlin looks back on the film festival strategy he used for BLAST! and discusses the future of film distribution.

:: Real Screen
BLAST! director Paul Devlin chats with Alicia Andorich of Real Screen about alternative funding sources for independent films.

:: Penn Arts & Sciences Magazine
You’re likely to find Mark Devlin crawling inside the frame of a car-sized telescope, soldering gun in hand, or standing on the windswept ice of Antarctica preparing to send that high-tech appliance to the very edge of space on a NASA balloon.

:: The Independent blog
Paul Devlin blogs about the Hot Docs premiere.

:: IFC Center
The IFC Center listing for the BLAST! Theatrical premiere.

:: Hot Docs Q&A
Hot Docs programmer Myrocia Watamaniuk interviews BLAST! filmmaker Paul Devlin about the risky work of hardcore Big Bang scientists.

:: ReelScreen - Nick Fraser, BBC
The BBC's Nick Fraser thinks BLAST!
"really is bliss."

:: Cardiff University
BLAST! screens at Cardiff University, home of BLAST team member Peter Hardgrave.

:: IDA
Film fans have the opportunity to participate in the creative process of BLAST! through ArtistShare.

:: MovieMaker
Director Paul Devlin on the adventure and advantages of alternative funding.

:: NALIP Latinos in the Industry Newsletter
BLAST! composer Richard Martinez's score follows the camera and the sweeping landscapes of earth, sky and human emotion with absolute precision and magic.

:: Docs In Progress
Paul Devlin talks about his experiences as a documentary filmmaker and the changing landscape of independent film financing.

:: Crain's Business - ArtistShare
BLAST and ArtistShare make investing in a film easy, fun and cheap.

:: IndieWire
The BLAST! NYC Theatrical premiere listed in indieWire.


:: The Colbert Report

Mark Devlin goes head-to-head with Stephen Colbert as they discuss the importance of Mark's work with BLAST!.

:: NPR's Science Fridays
Ira Flatow talks with Mark and Paul Devlin about BLAST!, what went wrong, and bringing science to general audiences (starts around 12:00).

:: BBC Weekend World
This interview with BLAST! director Paul Devlin on Weekend World promoted the BLAST!broadcast on BBC World News, which attracts 71 million viewers a week in over 120 countries.

:: BBC Radio 4's Material World
Mark and Paul Devlin discuss the building of BLAST!, and the process of filmmaking.

:: WNYC Radio's Leonard Lopate Show
Brothers Paul Devlin and Mark Devlin chat with Leonard Lopate on about BLAST! on New York Public Radio, WNYC

:: Plum TV Interview with Paul Devlin
Director Paul Devlin talks about BLAST! while at the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride, Colorado.

:: University of Pennsylvania
Mark Devlin discusses the research that went into producing BLAST! and how it will assist cosmologists in answering the big questions.

:: SoHo House
Listen in on a special Q&A with Mark, Barth, and Paul from a screening of BLAST! at the SoHo House in New York City.

:: Science & the City Podcast
Paul Devlin discusses the risky adventure of making BLAST!

:: BIFF TV Interview
Director Paul Devlin chats with the hosts of Bergen International Film Festival TV about BLAST!

:: Take 5
Director Paul Devlin chats with the hosts of Take 5 on CIUT 89.5 FM about the making of BLAST!

:: Indy Mogul
Paul Devlin gives a rare glimpse into
the world of a truly independent documentary filmmaker.

:: The Space Show
The BLAST! production team discusses adventurous filmmaking, space settlement, and the need for science education.

:: Interview with Gaelen
Gaelen Marsden of the BLAST! team
talks about his experience working with
this revolutionary telescope.

:: Plum TV
Director Paul Devlin and his brother and lead BLAST! scientist, Mark Devlin, PhD. talk about their careers, their latest work and the cosmos.

BLASTExperiment Press

:: BBC News
The "baby-boomer Universe" has been seen in unprecedented detail by a telescope slung beneath a balloon.

:: Nature Magazine
BLAST! results reveal a "hidden Universe" of ancient distant light.

:: Philadelphia Inquirer
"This is one of those big-impact things," said Ian Smail, an astronomer from Durham University in the north of England, "They're my competition, and this field is very cutthroat, but at some point you have to say they've done something pretty unique."
--Ian Smail on the BLAST results

:: New Scientist
BLAST! reveals "Dramatic dust-swaddled stellar nurseries [as the] main sources of a diffuse background light found in all directions"

:: Universe Today
BLAST! has given us a new view of the Universe,” said Barth Netterfield of the University of Toronto, the Canadian principal investigator for BLAST!, “enabling the BLAST! team to make discoveries in topics ranging from the formation of stars to the evolution of distant Galaxies.”

:: MetroNews
“In a single 11-day flight BLAST! has taken a huge leap forward, producing colour images the size of your hand.”
--Ed Chapin, BLAST UBC post-grad student

:: Nature Magazine
“A new extra-galactic survey from the BLAST!team has resulted in a 20-fold increase in the total number of galaxies observed in this wavelength range."

:: More Press
A collection of printed and online press generated by the release of the BLAST! science results.

BLASTBlog Press

:: Astroguyz
The guys over at the Astro Guyz blog declare BLAST! a success!

:: Toronto Screen Shots
James McNally at Toronto Screen Shots has some great things to say about the BLAST!
broadcast on Discovery Canada.

:: Rachel S. Thurston
Rachel, a travel writer and photographer, loved seeing BLAST!
at the Flagstaff Film Festival!

:: Hobby Space
The Hobby Space blog helps share the word about the BLAST!
broadcast on KVCR in San Bernadino, CA.

:: Andrew Jaffe
Andrew Jaffe - astrophysicist at Imperial College London - talks about ballooning and BLAST!

:: Robert Simpson
Robert Simpson - graduate student at Cardiff University- pluggs the BLAST!
broadcast on BBC's Storyville.

:: Florida Citizens for Science
The Florida Citizens for Science blog takes notice of the BLAST!
screening at the Florida Film Festival.

:: Cosmic Variance
Discover Magazine's blog Cosmic Variance hails BLAST! as a "terrific experiment" and BLAST!the movie as "a great advertisement for science as an exciting endeavor.

:: iNews880
Douglas Scott of the UBC BLAST! team talks to iNews 880 about the BLAST! findings.

:: In the Dark
Cardiff scientist Peter Coles discusses the BLAST! results and discoveries.

:: Astro-Gaia News
Astro-Gaia listing for the BLAST! Theatrical premiere in NYC.

:: UPenn Arts & Sciences
UPenn promoting the BLAST! premiere at the IFC Center.

::Our recent broadcast on VPRO received some great coverage in several Dutch blogs. Check them out! part1 part2