BLAST! Home DVD $14.99


The BLAST! home DVD does not include public or educational performance rights. This version contains some profanity and is not appropriate for classroom use. For classroom use, please see the BLAST! educational DVD below.


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Home DVD features:
(contains some profanity)


Full Length Feature Film (74 min)
Theatrical Trailers
Additional Scenes:


Werner Herzog Visits BLAST
Sweden Road Trip
Life in Cambridge Bay
Life in McMurdo
Telescope Tour


BLAST! Educational DVD $169.99


Purchase of the special double disc educational DVD includes educational performance rights. All profanity has been removed.


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Educational DVD features:


This special double-disk set
includes versions of the movie designed for classroom use. It removes all profanity, provides educational performance rights
and access to a teacher’s guide.


Disk 1:


Same features as Home DVD
(above) with profanity removed.


Disk 2:


56-Minute Classroom Version
53-Minute Classroom Version
(Religion References Removed)
Access to Teacher’s Guide