As featured on The Colbert Report and NPR’s Science Friday.

“In a rare combination of content and storytelling, BLAST! treats the viewer not only to the fruits of cosmic discovery but to the fits and starts of dedicated scientists who navigate paths of research that enable it.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History and Host of PBS NOVA science NOW & CNN’s Cosmos


“Brilliant! Absorbing! Unexpected twists and turns!”  The New York Times 


“This adventuresome spin on breakthrough science should wow ’em!” – Variety


“The film BLAST! is terrific! This is a story where fact is stranger than fiction. You could not have written a better script. I recommend you go out and see it!”
– Ira Flatow, NPR’s Science Friday (about 12 minutes in)


Cover story in Sky & Telescope!


High School Friendly! “Influencing a Future Generation of Scientists”


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BLAST! explores both the heartbreak and the glory of trying to unravel the secrets of outer space. Mark Devlin, PhD (the filmmaker’s brother) launches revolutionary telescopes on NASA high-altitude balloons. Dangerous, but necessary if he wants to look back in time and reveal a hidden Universe of never-before-seen galaxies. BLAST! follows Mark and his team on their grueling journey across 5 continents, from Arctic Sweden to Antarctica, as they search the sky for clues to the Evolution of Everything. Along the way, the rarely-seen true life of scientists is exposed – the failures, the triumphs and the sacrifices. It’s an adventure like no other, one that will that take you around the world and across the Universe.


Mark Devlin was recently in Antarctica for a third time launching a new version of BLAST. Read more about it here.


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