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With his 5th feature documentary, five-time Emmy winner and Independent Spirit nominee Paul Devlin has created a rare non-fiction romantic comedy. The Front Man is an intimate portrait that evolves into a 27-year journey about a man so busy chasing his dreams that he risks missing what success really means.


Jim Wood is an everyman middle-class musician burdened by the desire for stardom. Dynamic and abrasively funny, he reveals surprising insight and intelligence as he grapples with the broken promise of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Jim must reconcile his joy creating music and his wife Christie’s desire for a child with a culture in which anything short of celebrity is failure.


Jim and Christie’s quest for fame takes us to the homes of acclaimed musicians, inside a legendary recording studio, on the set of a cult horror movie, onto American national television as well as inside their very personal, but also hilariously candid discussions about whether or not to have children.


Their pursuit of celebrity becomes a rite of passage, transforming them in surprising ways. Perhaps success isn’t what we expected it would be at all.


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