2006 US Open - Women's Preview

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Much of my work at CBS Sports involves putting together very short pieces that get rolled into a live show such as the NFL Today.

Editing the U.S. Open Preview Show is a nice change. Not only do I get to create fun pieces like this one that set up the live event, I also work with a producer to assemble the entire taped show from start to finish. A half hour of network television, all ours.

Tour de France (2 of 2)

Posted by Paul Devlin:

The Tour de France on CBS was an intense gig, especially for me and the other editors. Lot’s of pressure and some very fast turnaround. Sometimes the show was already airing back in the States, and we hadn’t finished editing the last segment.

One of those times, on top of a desolate mountain, the driver of our generator decided he was leaving.  The rest of the huge caravan of live trucks that move everyday like a massive traveling circus was already gone, on the long windy overnight drive to the next location. He had no incentive to indulge one of the only edited shows that was staying late.  FREAK OUT!  We had to finish right away, edit in one last, long cover shot, and do the entire audio mix for the final segment in one pass, or else would have no power to send it to New York by satellite.

That would mean no final segment for a show that was already on the air! Talk about heart damage for the editor! We made it with seconds to spare. Definitely earned my Emmy that year. I’m not at liberty to discuss how we convinced the generator driver to stay those few extra minutes.

Now enjoy the drama in front of the camera in this exciting conclusion to Lance’s dilemma.

Tour de France (1 of 2)

Posted by Paul Devlin:

I worked on the coverage of 6 Tours de France with CBS Sports from 2000-2008.  Lance Armstrong dominated the race, which was great for our American audience. The CBS team won 3 Emmys in the category of Live Event Turnaround during this time. This dramatic segment shows why.

Victor Frank was the producer. He and I worked side-by-side many hours in a tiny remote editing truck, traveling all over France crafting these pieces. Vic is old school sports TV, with all the passion that implies: “We’re not just covering an event, LET’S MAKE A MOVIE!.” Vic is brilliant at identifying the best characters, their conflicts and teasing out the drama. Our small team over the years included an impressive list of talented producers, writers and editors. The music was specially composed for Vic and the Tour by Mark Wood and Armen Keteyian hosted the show in early years.

Even with all our combined experience covering the biggest sporting events in the world, many of us who worked the Tour de France for CBS agree that it was the best gig in sports television. 

Enjoy one of the great moments on the Tour in this episode from 2003, and come back for the exciting conclusion when this year's tour is over!

Al Letson NCAA Final Four

Posted by Paul Devlin:

My career at CBS Sports and my work as an independent filmmaker rarely overlap.  That changed one day when CBS Sports producer Shawn Robbins decided he wanted to do a special tease for the NCAA Basketball Tournament that included a spoken word theme.

Shawn knew that I had made SlamNation and asked me to help with casting.  The result is this wonderfully creative piece starring slam poet Al Letson that aired to millions as the opening of CBS Sports’ coverage of the Road to the Final Four in 2006.

Al Letson went on to host and produce one the of the fastest-growing new shows on National Public Radio, The State of the Re:Union

SlamNation DVD 
SlamNation Trailer

1998 Nagano Olympics - Katja Seizinger Feature!

Posted by Paul Devlin:

I have worked on 4 Olympics – 3 Summer Games with NBC and one Winter Games with CBS. Tough jobs, but also a lot of fun.

I was hired away from NBC Sports to work at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York, on Olympic Features.  I edited dozens like this one for the Nagano Games.   Then I traveled to Nagano, Japan as Supervising Editor to shake out the edit rooms on-site and train incoming editors.  

Producer Sydney Trattner arrived in Japan early to finish up her features.  So we had plenty of resources available that would soon get tied up on other jobs. That allowed us to add some fun graphics to realize her “fairy tale” theme for this feature about one of the best downhill skiers of all time, Katja Seizinger.

While in Nagano, CBS Sports won their bid to regain broadcast rights for the NFL.  When I got back to New York, my old Olympic edit room was re-purposed for the NFL Today and I wound up freelancing for both CBS Sports and NBC Sports at the same time for many years....

Are you ready for some football?

Posted by Paul Devlin:

I have had a very productive career as a freelance video editor for network sports television, and some of my most creative, satisfying and challenging work has been done in that capacity.

I started working with CBS Sports in 1997 and have had many adventures with them including the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, 6 Tour De France broadcasts and 4 Superbowls.  The last Superbowl, this past February, 2010, was the most watched program in U.S. History!  It was an honor to participate.

These 3 pieces are from my first Superbowl with CBS,  Superbowl XXXV in 2001 – Baltimore Ravens vs New York Giants in Tampa, Florida.  Jim Nantz narrates the first piece and the second is classic Dick Enberg, who has won Emmys for his writing flair.  They were produced by the mad genius Al Szymanski.  Al and I spent many an insane all-nighter together for both NBC and CBS.

Stop by often to see classic sports content from all sorts of high-powered, fun events, including Olympics, Tour De France, World Cup Soccer and more.

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