1998 World Cup Soccer Zinedine Zidane

Posted by Paul Devlin:

It was one of those great calls out of nowhere: How would you like to go to Paris for six weeks and work on World Cup Soccer with ABC/ESPN?

Are you kidding? Of course! I edited dozens of pieces like this one about soccer superstar Zinedine Zidane. It was the first time ABC/ESPN had done a joint project together. Years later, ESPN would completely absorb the ABC Sport Department. It was clear at the time where the wind was blowing: The ABC producers would come into the edit room full of defensive arrogance. One actually said, “Now you’re going to find out how a REAL feature gets made,” as if his ESPN counter-part who had just left the room didn’t know what she was doing.  The ESPN producers, on the other hand, had come from an environment of cranking out content to fill round-the-clock programming. They were courteous, talented, prepared and efficient. No fuss, and they could produce high-quality work in one-third the time of an ABC producer.

I also had a fantastic time in Paris, a city I already knew well from living there for awhile right after college. I went to a lot of exciting matches on my free time and sparked up a romance with a lovely French woman. What could be better?  Well, 1998 was the year France won at home. After the championship, Paris felt like it was V-E day – the entire city was one all-night big party. It was thrilling to have played a role.

Only one problem – the day I was packing to leave for Paris, I got another great call, except the timing was way off:
Film Forum, the prestigious repertory cinema in New York City had an unexpected gap in their summer schedule and wanted to program my film SlamNation to fill it. That meant a NYC theatrical premiere and two-week run, complete with publicist for my first feature-length movie! But it was scheduled to play very soon after my return from France. How would I prepare?  But I had no choice, it was too good to turn down. So in between edits in Paris, I found myself constantly on the phone trying to manage the premiere of SlamNation remotely...

Reveille Rescue

Posted by Paul Devlin:

When Texas A&M University Cadet Ryan Kreider saved the team mascot Reveille from a wayward SMU wide receiver stumbling out of bounds, the story went viral among Aggies everywhere. That inspired this fun piece for CBS Sports College Football Today that I edited with producer Joe Zappulla.


Arthur Ashe Kids Day Teaser

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Arthur Ashe Kids Day is a warm up to the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament in New York City. Promoting the legacy of the great Arthur Ashe, the fun event fills the main arena with young tennis enthusiasts who are treated to performances by the greatest tennis champions in the world as well as rising stars in pop music. Talents like Rihanna and Justin Bieber appeared at Arthur Ashe Kids Day early in their careers before they were superstars.

CBS Sports broadcasts the event, and twice I have edited the complete hour-long show. This poignant tease, produced by Alana Campbell, preceded the 2012 broadcast.

CBS Image Promo

Posted by Paul Devlin:

2013 was a great year for CBS Sports and I was able to show that off by editing this Image Promo for the department. I worked on this with Producer Pete Radovich and Associate Director Gareth Hughes.

The key to these pieces is to keep the energy high and make it as exciting as possible. The big challenge is how to tell the story of three epic events in only 30 seconds. Of course, we had the luxury of fantastic shots to work with. Once you've got the basic layout, the process becomes all about shaving and shifting frames. Changes of fractions of a second can have a surprisingly big impact.

Also, this kind of project requires approval at the highest level. That means many revisions. I think we went through 25 versions of this piece. This is the first version that aired. But we still went back to drawing board a couple times after that to make even more changes before it was finalized.

2002 French Open - Jennifer Capriati Bumper

Posted by Paul Devlin:

All in a day’s work as a sports video editor. We would crank out these mini art pieces by the half-dozen every day. And then we catch some great tennis or go out and enjoy Paris. Sweet gig.


Super Bowl in New Orleans

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Greetings from the Super Bowl in the Big Easy!


I'm in New Orleans editing for CBS Sports. We're working on the 5 hours of preview programming that happens before the game. Keep an eye out for the opening 1-hour documentary starring Wynton Marsalis all about the city of New Orleans and its people (and there's some football in there too). It was produced by my friend Sarah Rinaldi and it's brilliant. Starts at 12PM ET on CBS.

I've got a night shift, 8P-8A in one of many edit trucks right next to the Superdome. Not easy but has some perks: We get to see halftime rehearsals and the show looks great! They are working so hard - running through the entire performance 3 or 4 times a night. During the day I'm enjoying the city and watching the energy and festivities build. My wife Emily is on her way, and she'll be in the stadium watching the game, while I'll be living vicariously through her as I cut highlights for the Halftime and Post-Game shows.

In the meantime, here's a fun tease I edited a few months ago for a local New York broadcast of a pre-season Jets versus Giants game. This is for my fellow New Yorkers to contemplate what might have been, or gear up for next season.

Enjoy the game!

2003 US Open - Andy Roddick

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Love these little pieces - short and sweet, high energy and easy on the eye. Made lots of them during my many years working on site for CBS's U.S. Open Late Night Show.

And then the Late Night Show got cancelled and I haven't been back. Oh well. That's the nature of these gigs - they come and go. I still get my dose of tennis, putting together the US Open Preview Show at the CBS Broadcast Center.

Summer Olympics MCI Spot

We hope you're all as excited about the London Olympics as we are!  To get in the spirit, we're sharing a spot Paul created for the 1996 Summer Olympics while working for NBC. Enjoy and get ready to watch the opening ceremony tonight at 7:30PM on NBC!

2002 French Open Teaser

Posted by Paul Devlin:

I love those calls: “Hey can you come to Paris for a few weeks, and help us edit some tennis.” Hell yes!

The call came from Woods Communications, who had been hired by ESPN to help them cover the 2002 French Tennis Open (Roland Garros). I met Tom Woods when I was working for ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 editing World Cup Soccer in Paris. Tom and his brother Ian, are two Americans who set up shop in Paris years ago, servicing American sports networks in Europe. Fantastic business model and very clever guys. I also worked with them covering the Tour De France for CBS.

All that work in France made me fall in love with the place and I try to get back at least once a year, even when I’m not working there.

2006 US Open - Rafael Nadal Feature

Posted by Paul Devlin:

I edited this homage to tennis star Rafael Nadal with my friend and talented producer Joe Zappulla.  Joe is outspoken, opinionated, and likes to have fun.  He also gets the job done.  It’s a pleasure to work with him, from the early, grueling days in Edit-73 back in 1998 when CBS first recovered the NFL contract, through Superbowls and Tours De France.  Great work Joe!

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