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SlamNation: Team Austin - "American"

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Team Austin performs one of their many group pieces in this outtake from SlamNation.

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SlamNation: Team Austin - "Tube"

Posted by Paul Devlin:

“Group Pieces” are a truly unique art form that has emerged from the National Poetry Slam competition. The concept of a team of poets created by the competition naturally led to interest in collaboration. Some of the most innovative performing art I have ever seen on stage has been Group Pieces at National Slams, with poets using their voices and movement to create a masterful mix of vocal music and rhythm. Multi-dimensional poetry.

But a slam team is a fragile, ephemeral phenomenon, and a Group Piece exists as performance for a very short time. It is near-impossible to re-create after poets go their separate ways. As Taylor Mali points out, if a Group Piece is not recorded that season, it is usually lost forever.

Thankfully, this classic Group Piece from Team Austin was recorded for SlamNation. Wammo, Danny Solis, Phil West and Hilary Thomas were masters of the Group Piece that year. They were favorites to win, but as can be seen in the movie, the competition played out differently...

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Slam Poem: Phil West - "Since Graduation"

Posted by Rina Svet:

In this amusing poem, fully titled "Response to Question Number Three On My Ten-Year High School Reunion Questionnaire: What Have You Been Doing Since Graduation?"  Phil West takes us on a little adventure of what he's encountered since graduation.  It's certainly not what you'd expect!

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