Rockin' Brunswick - Rockin' Bricks - "Heartbeat" (5 of 12)

Posted by Paul Devlin:

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Pete Tomlinson wrote a column in The Home News called “Rockbeat,” covering the local music scene around New Brunswick, NJ.  He was also a member of the popular band Rockin’ Bricks.  Perfect cross-promotion combination for me: I interviewed him about the music scene and put his band in the movie, which he then wrote up in his column!

The video was shot at the Court Tavern.  The Court was very supportive of Rockin’ Brunswick and I’m still thankful.  This amazing venue is the bedrock of the New Brunswick music scene, even as most other live music venues have disappeared.  It continues to host live music, decades later.  This, despite many assaults on its existence, including tax battles and massive buildings rising up all around it.  Check out this article about their perseverance and community support.  And here’s their MySpace page.

Long Live The Court Tavern!

Stay tuned next week for more bands from Rockin’ Brunswick.
The DVD of the complete movie is also available here!

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