Claire Missanelli

Claire Will Be Missed

It breaks my heart to write that our close friend and talented producer, Claire Missanelli died on Thursday morning, March 31st, 2011. Claire had been battling breast cancer bravely since 2003. The recent and sudden change took us all by surprise. But her journey was peaceful - no pain, at home surrounded by friends and family. On Thursday April 7th, family members spread Claire's ashes in Coney Island, a favorite place for Claire.

Condolences to Claire's family can be sent to her mother, Clara Messanella, 510 Pond Street, Bristol, PA 19007.

A memorial service and celebration of Claire's life took place on Sunday, May 1st, at Oval Lounge amidst the greenery of Stuyvesant Town, Manhattan. Claire’s memorial was uplifting, despite the sadness of her loss. We were surrounded by family, friends and filmmakers with wonderful tributes to Claire in words, images, and music, including a performance by Claire's friend and neighbor, recording artist Susan McKeown. Filmmaker Charles Vogl attended the memorial and wrote this heartfelt message about Claire on his blog.  

I especially want to thank everyone who contributed financially to Claire’s struggle for survival. You should know that Claire’s family has decided to donate the remainder of the money to You Can Thrive!, a Foundation that supports women with cancer. Claire was on the Board of You Can Thrive! and very active in its mission. So your contributions will allow Claire to continue to help women fighting cancer.

Please re-visit this page for updates and to share stories, memories and photos in the Comments section below.  

Claire was a true light in my life - optimistic, bright and positive. She helped keep me going during all the hard work and all-nighters and there was no better person to share the joy of success with. Claire was a gifted filmmaker. She reached audiences of millions globally and she touched her colleagues not only with her heart, but with her wisdom and experience. Claire's impact on the world has been powerful. I am blessed to be her friend and honored to have shared a legacy of good work with her.

Paul Devlin


A special video tribute to Claire, by our Georgian co-producer of Power Trip Valeri Odikadze.

Rina Svet made this Memorial Video of Claire.

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Post by Paul Devlin:

Two years ago today I lost my producing partner Claire Missanelli, to breast cancer. Claire had an immeasurable impact on my life. I miss her friendship and have found she is irreplaceable as a colleague.

To mark the anniversary of her passing we've put together a memorial DVD of Claire. It includes photos albums, tribute videos and a document of her memorial service. If you would like a copy, please send a request and mailing address to

Claire was a special person and we're very happy to be able to provide this to the people who loved her.

Claire's Legacy

Claire & Paul at Premiere of BLAST! - Hot Docs Film Festival, Toronto, 2008One year ago Claire Missanelli died after a long struggle with breast cancer. She was my friend and producing partner. We were in touch with each other almost every day for 10 years, while we worked together on our movies.

It has been difficult to adjust to her absence, both professionally and personally. Making independent films has never been easy, but it has been so much harder without her.

Claire left a magnificent legacy – her work continues to entertain and to educate audiences, and our next film will carry her name as well. I know she would love it, and be delighted that it is finally nearing completion.

I miss you, Claire. Next week, I’ll meet with some of our friends near your home to celebrate your life. Your spirit and wisdom will inspire us as we continue to create.

Memories of Claire

Posted by Rina Svet:

I miss Claire, more than I can say.  I wrote that much, and sat down to doodle a little scribbly drawing on my notepad because I don't really know how to continue.  How do you say goodbye?

We gathered last week to do just that, and the video we're sharing today is the one that played at Claire's memorial.  A little glimpse of her life.  We wanted to hear her again - have her with us.  A tribute to all that she was. So hear her voice, and remember Claire, like we do. Every single day.

Claire, I remember when I walked into DevlinPix for the very first time, and there you were.  There you were. And now here we are. And this post won't have an ending.  So instead I invite you to share all your memories of Claire.  With Claire.  Just post them here and together we can keep her memory alive. 

We would also like to take a moment to thank Richard Martinez for providing the music for this video (it came from the BLAST!) soundtrack, and Melissa Dymock for doing such an amazing job gathering all the photo/video materials for this video and with everything else!

Remembering Claire

Friends and family of Claire Missanelli gathered this past Sunday to pay tribute to a powerful women who touched so many lives with her kind heart.  The memorial was poignant and cathartic, with eloquent expressions of joy and sorrow in words and music.  This video is from our colleague in Tbilisi Georgia, Valeri Odikadze, the Georgian co-producer of Power Trip.  It sums up the love that Claire inspired.

Help Claire Fight Breast Cancer

We are very saddened to report that our dear friend and producer, Claire Missanelli, who has been battling Stage IV breast cancer for the past 8 years, has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Her doctors at NYU have all but given up, and are now giving her 4 months to live. There is hope, however. Claire has identified alternative treatments, including the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, that may save her life. These treatment will be costly and are not covered by insurance.

No one likes asking for money, but even the strongest among us must reach out in extreme times of need.

We ask that you consider donating to this very worthy cause. Please spare what you can to give Claire a fighting chance. Claire's niece has set up a website dedicated to fundraising for her aunt. You can donate via Paypal, check, or money order.

Our hopes and prayers go out to Claire and her family. Please donate today.

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