BLAST! - World Premiere at Hot Docs

Posted by Rina Svet:

Thank you so much everyone for your recent support of BLAST! in our On Screen/In Person tour!  It was a fantastic run, and we'll have more updates for you soon!

In the meantime, a walk down memory lane... in this extra from BLAST! at our World Premiere... at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto in 2008!  BLAST! was shown twice during the festival, and we had an amazing time. Check out the video for all the details! 

The festival this year starts April 26th and runs through May 6th! They have some fantastic movies showing, so if you're in the area, make sure to drop by!

The group at opening night!

BLAST! Trailer

BLAST! Production Update - Editing BLAST!

Posted by Paul Devlin:

As part of our Artist Share fundraising effort for BLAST!, we invited Participants into our creative process as it was happening with short video production updates like this one.

Now that the project is complete, we're inviting you into that process as well with this piece on editing.

BLAST! Trailer

BLAST! Production Update - Mountainfilm in Telluride

Posted by Paul Devlin:

MountainFilm in Telluride is happening May 27-30.

This is one of my favorite film festivals, programmed by our friend David Holbrooke.  It’s really much more than a film festival, with lectures, exhibits, and symposia accompanying movie screenings.

When Power Trip played there I had the opportunity to engage David’s father, diplomat Richard Holbrooke in a sustained discussion about the Republic of Georgia during the Q&A. This video shows the fun we had at the U.S premiere of BLAST! at Mountainfilm as part of our Artist Share project.  Great screenings including the longest sustained applause I’ve ever had for one of my movies at a packed 9AM screening in the Nugget Theater.   

Definitely go to Mountainfilm in Telluride if you have the chance. You can’t beat the setting or the people.

BLAST! Trailer

BLAST! Production Update - A Chile Adventure!

Posted by Paul Devlin:

As part of our Artist Share fundraising effort, we documented the BLAST! filmmaking process by creating regular production updates for our Participants.  This is one of my favorites, a journey to Chile. Adventuresome filmmaking meets adventuresome science.

BLAST! Trailer

Artist Share - Sundance Fever - Part 2

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Here’s Part 2 of our Production Update documenting our experience with “Sundance Fever” while making BLAST!  You can see Part 1 here.

Stay tuned for more of our ArtistShare Production Updates for a behind-the-scenes look at our filmmaking process.  And good luck to all the filmmakers out there with Sundance deadline extensions!

Artist Share - Sundance Fever - Part 1

Posted by Paul Devlin:

The Sundance film festival is on the horizon and many filmmakers have been killing themselves trying to meet the submission deadline, THIS WEEK!  Others have been granted extensions and are still killing themselves.  

Be careful! The Sundance deadline has ruined many movies. Our advice in these circumstances comes from our advisor Bob Hawk, “Make the movie, not the deadline.”  

 We documented our experience with “Sundance Fever” while making BLAST! in a two-part Production Update.  These Updates were part of our Artist Share Participant model for fundraising.  Participants who helped fund the film were kept up to date on our progress through these videos, which we released regularly.

We plan to share more of these Production Updates, including Part 2 next week.  So if you’re interested in the filmmaking process, visit again and see how we did it.

By the way, if you’re interested in more info on film festivals, I also wrote an article in The Independent on our experience releasing BLAST! to the festival circuit.

How To Get Funding For An Independent Documentary

Join director Paul Devlin as he pitches BLAST! at the Toronto Documentary Forum.  BLAST! was the first film ever to partner with Artist - a company that developed a participant model for fundraising that has been very successful in the music industry.  Paul has written extensively about our experiences on the ArtistShare project.  You can read his article published in DOX magazine here. (pdf)

The BLAST! Artist Share project included regular video updates of the filmmaking process for participants. These are now being made available to general audiences.

In this update, Paul and the BLAST! team travel to the Toronto Documentary Forum at the Hot Docs Film Festival. They are there to pitch the idea for BLAST! to dozens of commissioning editors in a roundtable forum with hundreds of onlookers. The stakes are high, perhaps determining if the film will be funded and broadcast internationally.

Enjoy this unique insiders view into the filmmaking process!

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