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SlamNation - Al Letson - "Second Planet From A Star"

Posted by Paul Devlin:
Al Letson performs his poem "Second Planet From A Star" from Paul Devlin’s SlamNation.
Slam Poetry melds the art of writing and the art of performance in the context of a good old fashion brawl.  SlamNation is the seminal film of this literary movement.

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Al Letson NCAA Final Four

Posted by Paul Devlin:

My career at CBS Sports and my work as an independent filmmaker rarely overlap.  That changed one day when CBS Sports producer Shawn Robbins decided he wanted to do a special tease for the NCAA Basketball Tournament that included a spoken word theme.

Shawn knew that I had made SlamNation and asked me to help with casting.  The result is this wonderfully creative piece starring slam poet Al Letson that aired to millions as the opening of CBS Sports’ coverage of the Road to the Final Four in 2006.

Al Letson went on to host and produce one the of the fastest-growing new shows on National Public Radio, The State of the Re:Union

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