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"Create A Time-Lapse Video" by Amon Focus

Check out this fantastic article by filmmaker Amon Focus on how-to create a time-lapse video on DPMag.com.


Create A Time-Lapse Video
It’s easier than ever to do with the latest digital cameras and basic software

Using time-lapse photography, you can produce videos that are able to show the world in a way in which the human eye doesn't ordinarily see. Plants can grow in mere seconds, a sun can rise above a city in moments, and you can see a complete day unfold in less than a minute.

Because of one of the more extraordinary advancements in camera technology—the ever increasing speed of image burst rates—creating a time-lapse video can be as simple as holding down the shutter and editing the images into a short video. Making a skilled time-lapse project that's able to engage an audience and stand out above the crowd, however, can take some patience, some planning and a bit of know-how. But there has never been a better time to learn, especially since so many of the best time-lapse videos are ending up as popular viral videos that have been seen by thousands of viewers.

Creating a time-lapse video requires that you scout and plan, and then be ready to adapt. Focus says he has "learned to always have a Plan B," in case he finds that his chosen location won't work due to weather conditions or other circumstances beyond his control.

I'm always looking for compositions that are full of action, color and visual drama. With experience, it becomes intuitive. If something moves me enough to pull out my phone and capture it, then I'll probably return to that spot for a time-lapse.

Sometimes I want to shoot places that are out of my reach. I may be at an event or restaurant that has a view that can be accessed only with the owner's permission. I've been known to chat up a waitress—not for her number, but to get a boss' name to look up. Or, I'll find a business card or brochure and email the company. In the email, I include links to examples of time-lapse photography and offer to provide HD copies of what I shoot at their site. I was ignored a lot in the beginning, but over time, I got more and more green lights. Pretty soon, I had enough time-lapses to create a promo that I now use as a skeleton key. It has opened many doors.

When preparing for a time-lapse, I format my memory cards, set my camera to manual, turn off the autofocus on the lens and set the image size to medium JPEG. There have been times when I've forgotten to do this and used up a sizable chunk of space because I shot the time-lapse in RAW. I shoot in medium JPEG because the image size is big enough to export a 1080p HD file without losing quality. If I were shooting for film or a high-end production, I'd choose RAW for a higher-quality video. Otherwise, RAW takes up too much space....


Slam Poem: Wammo - "Too Much Light In This Bar"

Posted by Wammo:

Performing in the National Slam is like eating pumpkin pie for breakfast - as soon as it's over, you wish you had done something else. 

I've been singing in bands for over 30 years and I've toured all over the world, so believe me when I tell you that the only person more pretentious and self centered than a lead singer, is a slam poet. A slam poet is a lead singer without the vocal chops. Oh sure, they can put a few words together and maybe they can sing a little but they certainly don't have the social skills to keep a band together, much less build a national following. They have to throw a big convention where they can gather with losers like themselves, drink, screw, steal each other's ideas and con thousands of people into actually paying to hear their pathetic, pedantic ramblings. All this under the guise of art. Of course, after they lose, they get wasted and go skinny dipping but enough about me.

Let me close by telling you that I've known Paul Devlin for fifteen years and I truly consider him to be someone I've known for more than a decade. There is one thing of which I'm sure, all of his films are lies.

He edited SlamNation to make it look like my team lost. He'll probably edit this piece as well. If Paul Devlin's name appears anywhere in this sentence, you can be sure Paul Devlin put it there for Paul Devlin's own evil purpose.

Check out Wammo's last poem "Doing Time On Isle 13!" 

SlamNation DVD 
SlamNation Trailer

CutTime - Carry Nation, "Prayer For The Bells" (5 of 11)

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Carry Nation perform their song "Prayer for the Bells" as part of the movie CutTime.

Check out this fun little song!  As Carry Nation says, "Music and art should be for the masses!"

Carry Nation's Beth McCormack is a classically trained vocalist and flutist hailing from (most recently) New Orleans, where she learned to sing the blues. Before moving to New Orleans, she fronted New York indie folk-rock band Carry Nation in the late 80s, early 90s. Carry Nation released an album on Rough Trade, garnering lots of college radio play and appearing on MTV's 120 Minutes. The band travelled the country opening for the Smithereens in the early 90s, playing to sold-out crowds in weird venues. Later in New Orleans, she sang and played flute and guitar for Bliss, a folk-rock group, and fronted Syrinx, a heavy-metal spoken word group.

Check out Carry Nation's album! Also available on eBay.

And keep an eye out next week for Woodpecker's "Junk Song"!

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Slam America Bus Tour - Head to Head Haiku

Posted by Paul Devlin:

From Gary Glazner’s Slam America Bus Tour: two Haiku champions, Tazuo Aaron Yamaguchi and Deborah Edler Brown go head to head. Improv vs. written, who will win out?  Hosted by Big Poppa E.

SlamNation DVD 
SlamNation Trailer

CutTime - Opening Montage

Posted by Paul Devlin:

This opening montage from the rockumentary CutTime is a fun look at a New York City that no longer exists.

I met producer Sarah Bleakley at an Indian restaurant on 6th Street in Manhattan.  She was friends with my University of Michigan classmates Ellen Kappus and Tracey Weaver.  When she learned I was an online/linear video editor, she got very excited, “You’re a good person to know!”  She was looking for an editor and told me all about her big project to gather a bunch of underground New York City bands in one venue and shoot the performance element of a documentary in one night.

So I got recruited and we made CutTime together.  In addition to editing, I contributed the color Super 8 footage - outtakes from my video of “Song on Fire” by Naked Sun, Max Vanderwolf’s old band.  Sarah and I went on to make The Eyes of St. Anthony together.

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CutTime - King Missle, "Life" (3 of 11)

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King Missile perform their song "Life" as part of the movie CutTime. Their leader John S. Hall, is a poet as well.  While he is not a big fan of slam poetry, he has performed alongside slam poets on television programs such as PBS's The United States of Poetry, MTV's Spoken Word Unplugged, and HBO's Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry. King Missile has an underground hit called, Detachable Penis.
Produced by Sarah Bleakley and edited by Paul Devlin, CutTime is a survey of the independent, music scene in the East Village of New York City in 1990.
Keep an eye out for episode 3, coming next week!

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BLAST! Excerpt- McMurdo Station

BLAST! will broadcast on KPBS - San Diego, November 2, at 11PM Pacific and KTCA - St. Paul, MN also in November (check local listings).

Get ready with this visit to Antarctica!

BLAST! Trailer

CutTime - Kirk Kelly, "Hooray We Won the War" (2 of 11)

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This first song from CutTime features Kirk Kelly performing "Hooray We Won the War."

Keep an look out for more episodes of the CutTime webseries, and relive a time in East Village history when bands were playing everywhere, all the time.

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