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Freestyle - "NY History" (9 of 14)

Posted by Paul Devlin:

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A look back at the heyday of NYC cyphering in the early ‘90s, with SuperNatural in Washington Square Park, commentary from Mos Def, and a spectacular Freestyle narrative from Wordsworth.

The Making of Freestyle (continued)

In order to develop the story threads for Freestyle, we began gathering new material. First I added the interview and performance of Juice that I had already shot. Then we researched those historic battles and started collecting footage from around the country. We became Freestyle Central for awhile! When the director, Kevin Fitzgerald came to NYC from LA, I shot new footage with him. We sought out Craig G for a crucial interview and also brought in Anthony Marshall and Danny Castro of Lyricist Lounge. They stopped by my apartment to check out the results one day.

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Music Video: "Sink or Swim?" EnviroSiren's SOS on rising seas

Guest post by Jules (EnviroSiren):

Ten years in the making, EnviroSiren's Sink or Swim? (SOS) is a love song for the planet. The debate is over, the science is in: Human activity is dangerously warming the atmosphere and tipping the balance of the biosphere. Seas are rising precariously - and faster than scientists predicted but it's not too late! EnviroSiren longs to seduce Earthlings everywhere to wake up to the warnings and start turning the tides on climate change...

Shot on location in Tulum, Mexico, and with a Red Epic camera at Pier59 Studio in NYC, SOS is a free music-video (3:20). It is available for download on request. The song is free and available here.

More about SOS here!


Posted by Rina Svet:

SOS, a music video I've been working on in collaboration with Jules for the past several months, is finally available today, and I'm happy to share it with you all here on DevlinPix!

A call for change, SOS is a special project to me - an amazing experience to work on, and especially marked in its importance by Hurricane Sandy as it ravaged a path across the east coast right in the midst of our editing sessions. In New York, Sandy reached us deeply.  It took our homes, our workplaces, our communities...  And the "Goodbye New York" line of SOS is scarily phophetic, and touches me deeply.

SlamNation: Beau Sia - "Money"

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Beau Sia’s poem “Money” is now a cultural snapshot from its time of the mid-to-late ‘90s. Beau Sia was a 19-year old wunderkind when he took the stage of the Portland National Poetry Slam Finals, and became an instant star.

This poem gets SlamNation off to a roaring start. In early cuts of the movie, this was not the case. At the time, Marc Smith - “Father of the Slam” - took a look at rough cut and gave me this advice: “You have to start with the end. People need to know where they’re going, that there will be big crowds and high stakes. They need to know that this is not just about your typical boring poetry reading.” Very insightful! So that’s exactly what I did – and Beau’s high energy made him the natural choice to kick things off.

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Super Bowl in New Orleans

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Greetings from the Super Bowl in the Big Easy!


I'm in New Orleans editing for CBS Sports. We're working on the 5 hours of preview programming that happens before the game. Keep an eye out for the opening 1-hour documentary starring Wynton Marsalis all about the city of New Orleans and its people (and there's some football in there too). It was produced by my friend Sarah Rinaldi and it's brilliant. Starts at 12PM ET on CBS.

I've got a night shift, 8P-8A in one of many edit trucks right next to the Superdome. Not easy but has some perks: We get to see halftime rehearsals and the show looks great! They are working so hard - running through the entire performance 3 or 4 times a night. During the day I'm enjoying the city and watching the energy and festivities build. My wife Emily is on her way, and she'll be in the stadium watching the game, while I'll be living vicariously through her as I cut highlights for the Halftime and Post-Game shows.

In the meantime, here's a fun tease I edited a few months ago for a local New York broadcast of a pre-season Jets versus Giants game. This is for my fellow New Yorkers to contemplate what might have been, or gear up for next season.

Enjoy the game!

Pañuelo Official Trailer

Posted by Rina Svet:

Pañuelo is the story of Junior who, devastated by the loss of his father, abandons his love of photography, and begins to hang with the wrong crowd. His single mother Olga, and younger sister Daisy, try desperately to bring him back into the safety of the family that loves him.

Pañuelo was directed by Abel Castro, shot by Chris Cazavilan, and edited by Rina Svet as a thesis film for The School of Visual Arts.  It premiered at the 2010 Dusty Film Festival.

I spent most of my thesis year at SVA working on Pañuelo.  Unlike most of our thesis productions which were shot in the fall and edited in the spring, Pañuelo was shot during the summer of 2009 so I had plenty of time to edit it in the fall before starting work on my other thesis projects.  It's a good thing too, because Pañuelo needed plenty of work!  The initial cut was over 40 minutes long and by the time we were done with it the final cut was around 20 minutes.  It was the first long short film I've ever really worked on and it was certainly an adventure.  Not to mention it gave me plenty of opportunities to brush up on my Spanish!

Pañuelo editing carried on well into the spring where it shared its editing hours with my other two projects (Vanity and Zombies Are Our Friends) and it was really my baby for most of that year.  Seeing it on the big screen at the Dusty Film Festival was really an amazng experience!  And editing this trailer for it was a really fun side project, so I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed editing it!

Dox Magazine: 4:3 to 16:9 Transition

4:3 to 16:9 Transition

Paul wrote this article for DOX Magazine during the Power Trip era.  Check it out for some interesting information on the 4:3 to 16:9 conversion.  After all, you still come across 4:3 content stretched to fit a 16:9 screen, even now.  How do we make it all look good?


"Versioning" has become an inevitable burden for non-fiction filmmakers as they adapt their work to fit various television time-slots in an effort to squeeze every drop of revenue from a project.

My film Power Trip now has four different length versions with another in progress, and I am approaching twenty distinct Masters, with iterations for NTSC, PAL, Texted and Textless. Tape stock expenses alone are burdensome.

Now comes a new dimension to versioning as TV transitions from the traditional 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9 - finally catching up to cinema, which went wide-screen decades ago, reacting to the perceived threat when television was new. There seems to be little consensus across borders about the best way to make this transition, so the process has become bewildering.

In Europe I've seen 16:9 TV's stretching out 4:3 sports broadcasts, making the athletes look ridiculously fat. Channel surfing on a sophisticated wide-screen TV produces a startling variety of shape contortions to fit the screen size. Broadcasts in 4:3 from the US, such as MTV, suffer most, blown up and cropped on top and bottom to fit 16:9...CONTINUE READING HERE!

Power Trip - Zaal's Winemaking Tour

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Zaal Kikodze was a wonderfully colorful and popular character in my movie Power Trip, as is clear from this excerpt at his farm in the hills near Tbilisi, Georgia. He was also a scholar, a professor of archaeology and an accomplished mountain climber. I was happy to be his friend and enjoyed his company whether it be on the jeep adventure we took in the mountains of northern Georgia near Chechnya with journalists Wendell Steavenson and Lika Basiliai or just sipping vodka in his warm and friendly apartment in central Tbilisi.

In July of 2005 Zaal Kikodze and a climbing companion were caught in a storm high up on the difficult Ushba cliffs in the Georgian Caucasus where they lost their lives.

Zaal has been dearly missed by the friends he made all across the world.

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BLAST's Christmas Launch!

Happy New Year, DPers!  We wish you all the best for 2013!  Also, a little bit of news we've been sitting on.... this Christmas, Mark Devlin, the star of our film BLAST! has launched the BLAST telescope from Antarctica for the 3rd time!  Check out the video of the launch here as well as the article below for additional information!


The telescope is still in the air! You can track BLAST’s progress here!  Follow the scientist’s blog here.

Freestyle - "Cypher" (7 of 14)

Posted by Paul Devlin:

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Get inside the “cypher,” the energetic core of freestyling, climaxed with an exhilarating performance from Mos Def!

The Making of Freestyle (continued)

Kevin was in California much of the time, so Henry and I collaborated on the re-edit in NYC, first working in his apartment near CBGBs, then finishing up in my apartment in Stuyvesant Town. The challenge was to find some kind of a story within the random performances and interviews. We started by organizing the material into chapters. Then we dug deeper into the footage. We found an interview of hip hop impresario Bobbito, which had never been digitized or synched. It was a goldmine!

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Slam Poem: Bill MacMillan & Corey Cokes - "Main Street"

Posted by Paul Devlin:

The Providence Team at the Portland National Poetry Slam were masters of the “Group Piece” poems. This duet by Bill MacMillan and Corey Cokes, excerpted in SlamNation but complete here, is just one example of their talent.

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