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The Front Man - Digital and DVD Release!

The Front Man is now available on iTunes and on DVD!

If you haven't had a chance to catch The Front Man at a festival near you, The Orchard has released The Front Man digitally worldwide!  We are also releasing the DVD on our website at this time!

Thank you so much to everyone for your support on The Front Man!  It was, and continues to be, a truly amazing journey, and we couldn't have done it without you all!



Slam Poem: Team Austin - "Motor Red"

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Here's the complete version of a classic "group piece" from Team Austin excerpted in SlamNation.

Team Austin had become masters of these ensemble poetry performances, and they were highly favored to win it all at the National Poetry Slam in Portland as a result. Group pieces generally score higher than individual performances. However, Team Austin scored poorly in the finals, and no one is quite sure why. Perhaps there was some backlash against too many group pieces, and the audience wanted to hear more individual voices?

In any case, as can be seen here, Team Austin was great at group pieces, a genre of performance poetry unique to the National Poetry Slam.

SlamNation DVD 
SlamNation Trailer

The Front Man: New Screening AND Release Party!!

The Front Man is winding up for the big release! We have 3 exciting things to announce!

First, The Front Man release party will be at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Tuesday, April 14th!  The doors open at 7PM, the film will be screening at 8PM, and after the film the Loaded Poets will perform!  This is a free admission, first come, first serve event which is hosted by The Orchard. We are so excited, and we hope you are able to celebrate with us!

After the release party, on Saturday, April 18th, The Front Man is coming to Chicago!  Join us at CIMMFest (The Chicago International Movies & Music Festival) for a 6:15PM screening on Saturday Night at Logan 3!  Jim Wood, star of The Front Man, will perform before and after the screening!  Buy your tickets now!

And if you haven't had a chance to catch The Front Man at a festival near you, on Tuesday, April 21st, The Orchard will release The Front Man digitally worldwide!  We will also be releasing the DVD on our website at this time!

Thank you so much to everyone for your support on The Front Man! We couldn't have done it without you all!



Making Tax Season Less Taxing for Filmmakers

Next Monday, March 23rd at 7PM, Paul Devlin will be on a panel hosted by the DCTV (87 Lafayette Street, NYC)!


Freelancers, rejoice! Just in time for the dreaded tax season, DCTV will be presenting an informative and calm-inducing panel discussion on tax preparation for independent filmmakers and freelance artists.

From learning about great tax saving deductions, to taxes in the sharing economy, new challenges with Obamacare, and what you need to know about the IRS and how to protect yourself in case of an audit, this well-rounded panel will keep you informed and hopefully put you at ease.


Paul Devlin, Filmmaker is a 5-time Emmy winner and Independent Spirit Award nominee who made the critically-acclaimed feature documentaries SlamNation, Power Trip, BLAST!, and The Front Man. He wrote about the IRS’s battle with documentary filmmakers and his own (mis)adventures in being audited in this Filmmaker article.

Steven Zelin, CPA was born and raised in NYC and has been a licensed CPA for over fifteen years. He has an MBA in Finance and Marketing and a B.S. in Accountancy, is an Adjunct Professor of Accounting at Long Island University, and conducts a seminar every year on The Business of Being an Artist. Steven is active on the Not-for-Profit and Taxation of Individuals committees of the New York State Society of CPAs. He's also known as The Singing CPA, "that really smart tax guy who writes and sings funny stuff."



$10 / DCTV Members

$15 / General

$35 / General + Discounted DCTV Membership!

Buy tickets here!

SlamNation: H. M. Naqvi - "I, Carnivore"

Guest post by H. M. Naqvi:

My Fifteen Minutes: An Anecdotal History of the Golden Era of Slam Poetry


If I remember correctly, I ambled into a smoky, neon-lit joint on the periphery of civilization in the District of Columbia of yore, around the corner from the stretch patrolled by transvestites teetering on heels and desperate johns in slow jalopies. I was new in town, had five fifty in my pocket, and knew nobody. Parking myself on a barstool, I ordered a drink from a stout character sporting dreadlocks. “You ready, baby?” he asked in a stentorian tenor. “Cause it’s show time!”

Two shabby characters took the stage. One delivered an impassioned disquisition on the construction of identity, ontology and Cheeze Whiz. It was primal, electric, theatrical, occasionally meaningful, recalling Vachel Lindsay’s “Congo” or Ginsberg’s “Howl.” There was scattered applause among the malcontents who had assembled. They assembled every Monday evening. The audience, I learned, decided who would proceed to the next round. I had walked unbeknownst into a poetry gong show. By the end of the evening, the applause was louder than a circus. (The bartender, for some reason, would periodically holler, “I don’t need your money!”) The loser was booed off stage. The winner was awarded fifty bucks. Fifty bucks! I thought. What a goddamn boon!

Reveille Rescue

Posted by Paul Devlin:

When Texas A&M University Cadet Ryan Kreider saved the team mascot Reveille from a wayward SMU wide receiver stumbling out of bounds, the story went viral among Aggies everywhere. That inspired this fun piece for CBS Sports College Football Today that I edited with producer Joe Zappulla.


Rockin' Brunswick - The Groceries - "Nassau Street"

Posted by Paul Devlin:

This is an outtake from Rockin' Brunswick shot at Patrix in New Brunswick, New Jersey summer of 1983. "Nassau Street" is one of The Groceries most popular songs. But Robin Gamble and Martha Haney wanted to do something more elaborate than a one-camera live shot for one of their favorite bands. So we made a music video of "Part of the New America" which is what ultimately made it into the movie.

Filmmaker Paul Devlin In the Gashouse Radio Studio

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for our screening of The Front Man at the Roxy!  We appreciate all your support, as always!

The day before the screening, Paul appeared on Gashouse Radio with Dustin Dellinger to talk about The Front Man!  If you missed the interview, you can check it out now!

The Front Man Screening Tour Continues: Filmadelphia Film Series at the Roxy!

The Front Man will be screening at the Roxy Theater (2023 Sansome Street, hiladelphia) as part of the Filmadelphia Film Series hosted by the Philadelphia Film Society. The showing is Tuesday Dec 16th at 7:30PM! Admission is free, so reserve your spot now!

And tune in to Gashouse Radio On Monday night, Dec 15th at 7PM as Paul joins Dustin Dellinger to talk about The Front Man!






SlamNation: Patricia Smith - "Mad Rappin'"

Posted by Paul Devlin:

Patricia Smith is a four-time individual champion of the National Poetry Slam. A monster talent and a fierce competitor, Patricia works her magic in this poem performed in a preliminary round of the Portland Nationals. But a crowd-pleasing group piece by the Austin team threatens her chance at the championship. Witness the strategy unfold in SlamNation.

SlamNation DVD 
SlamNation Trailer

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