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Oprah Winfrey: Why She Crashed a Stranger’s House Before Filming ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’

IndieWire - Fri, 2017-04-21 10:32
The surprise visit was just one of the ways that the host/actress connected with the legacy of Henrietta's daughter Deborah.
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‘The Memory of Justice’ Clip: Marcel Ophüls’ Restored Wartime Documentary Epic Goes Inside Tragedy of War — Watch

IndieWire - Fri, 2017-04-21 09:59
From World War II to Vietnam, Marcel Ophüls presents rare footage and interviews regarding the atrocities of war.
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2017 Cannes Film Festival Announces Critics’ Week Lineup, Including ‘Brigsby Bear’ and Animation

IndieWire - Fri, 2017-04-21 09:50
The 2017 Cannes Film Festival runs May 17 - 28.
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‘Ghostwatch’ Scared So Many People That BBC Only Aired It Once — 25 Years Later, You Can Finally Watch It Again

IndieWire - Fri, 2017-04-21 08:15
The infamous mockumentary is now streaming on Shudder.
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Amy Ryan Gives Her Best Performance In a Decade With ‘Abundant Acreage Available’ — Tribeca 2017 Review

IndieWire - Fri, 2017-04-21 08:11
Angus MacLachlan's second feature is a meditative family drama that owes much to Ryan's performance.
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‘Gilbert’ Is The Sweet, Scattered Documentary About Gilbert Gottfried That You Never Knew You Wanted — Tribeca 2017 Review

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 22:00
You know him as the voice of Iago, or as a comedian who was born without boundaries, but you don't really know Gilbert Gottfried at all.
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Review: ‘Super Dark Times’ Is An Unnerving Cross Between ‘Stand By Me’ and ‘Donnie Darko’ — Tribeca 2017

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 22:00
Kevin Phillips’ film transcends the limits of its narrow-minded nostalgia because it doesn’t revisit some lost idyll so much as it corrupts one.
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‘The X-Files’ Deal Finally Done; Revival Set to Return For Second 10-Episode Season

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 19:15
David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and creator Chris Carter have figured out a way to make their schedules work and get the show back in time for next season.
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‘Bowling for Columbine’ at Tribeca 2017: Watch the Live Stream for the Retrospective Here

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 19:00
Watch the conversation's live-stream at 9 p.m. EST.
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‘Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Trailer: Strap a Box on Your Face to Be Morty’s Clone — Watch

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 18:27
The future is here, and it looks nothing like “Black Mirror.”
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‘The Detour’ is Now TV’s Funniest Family, Thanks to a Chaotic Mix of Love, Weirdness, and Hockey Shots to the Groin

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 18:15
The resilient Parker foursome have fought weirdness with weirdness, making for good TV, great comedy and a faith in family rarely found elsewhere.
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Bill Murray Dives Into Classical Music with New Stage Show

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 17:58
The actor's upcoming stage show, titled "New Worlds," will premiere July 20 at Festival Napa Valley, followed by a North American tour.
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Sofia Coppola Directs Kirsten Dunst and Rashida Jones in New Calvin Klein Ad — Watch

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 17:13
The ad also stars Lauren Hutton and Laura Harrier, and features unreleased music by Phoenix.
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‘Disjointed’ Teaser Trailer: Kathy Bates Is High on Netflix Pot Comedy — Watch

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 17:03
The series from Chuck Lorre and David Javerbaum will premiere Aug. 25.
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‘Broad City’: Abbi and Ilana Celebrate 4/20 in New Web Video — Watch

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 15:53
The ladies celebrate marijuana's biggest day of the year.
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’13 Reasons Why’ Writer Defends Graphic Depiction of Suicide on the Netflix Show

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 14:33
“It overwhelmingly seems to me that the most irresponsible thing we could’ve done would have not to show the death at all."
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Tribeca 2017: 5 Must-See LGBTQ Titles At This Year’s Festival

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 14:08
This year's festival has plenty to satisfy queer film cravings of all types.
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Why Sony Has the Advantage Over Four Studio Rivals in a James Bond Bidding War

IndieWire - Thu, 2017-04-20 13:51
A five-studio bidding war began this week over distribution rights to "Bond 25." Sony's rivals include Annapurna Pictures.
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